Title: Just Keep Telling Yourself That

Summary: No one can come between twins, right? Incesty twincesty fun. Haha. Begun as a Good Charlotte twincest, morphed into something else.

A/N: This is kind of like twincest only not. It could be a possessive sibling jealous of his twin brother's new lover. Or it could be a twin brother who is in love with his brother and doesn't want to share. *shrug*


"Superman Can't Walk" - GC

"Pretty Girl" - Sugarcult

"Whiter Shade of Pale" - Procol Harum


And Benji will fall in love.

And you will be there to support him, lend him a shoulder, like a good brother should.

And you won't like her all that much.

She'll be too preppy, too goodie-goodie.

Too good for Benji.

Maybe you'll tell him how you feel about her. Maybe you won't.

Maybe you'll let him on his own, and let him decide whether or not she's the One.

Maybe you'll try something to sway his vote. Maybe you'll tell her that Benji doesn't really love her.

That it's you he really loves.

She will freak out, call you names. Maybe she'll hit you, leave a cut on your cheek.

But she'll be gone, and Benji will still be yours.

Everyone knows that twins share a special bond.

And everyone knows that girls will only break them. It will be better this way, keeping him to yourself.

Just keep telling yourself that. It still won't make it ok, but just keep telling yourself that.