you rose into my conscious

your soul promised to me

 by a night of whispered vespers

hazy dreams I never tried to block

words wreathed in smoke

the heavy bed beneath us together

i gathered to me the phrases

floating from his tongue

rustle through my memories

leaves engraved with your words

i lay spread eagled on the bed

smoke still whispering and twisting

above my head words had struck my heart

released to the dusky air hours ago

and still wound their way to my ears

i had high flying hope then

that his words were bound to the truth

and that you loved me as he said

the light of perceived truth

crumbled my hearts ashen walls

now I am left alone

wandering among the dark ruins

the empty foundations of this potential palace

now only a cold and shattered memorial

a monument to another failed love

i know that in time

my listless soul will reconstruct

the palace around my heart

build a house for my human weakness

in perfect time to welcome the next destroyer