Series Title: Faerie Wars

Book: 1

Book Title: The War of Techi

Chapter: 6

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Manga ( Action/Adventure - Fantasy

Teaser: This is a story about the Faerie Fighters; they are faeries who fight against the evil, supernatural forces. They appear to be normal people, but they are fighting to save earth. A new war begins between the Faerie Fighters and the Black Bandits of Sector 9!

Author's Note: It's been a while, but I'm back!! YAY for all you fans!! Oh! Did you guys see the pics?? Well, I'm gonna draw more and color them in Adobe Photoshop. ^-^ On with chapter 6!!!!!

"You are scum, and this planet is protected! You will never control Techi!" screamed Kat, who had become her former self, Mika.

"We're the Faerie Fighters," replied Fuu, a.k.a. Laci.

"And we're going to kick your butt," Koji (yeah, that's Suku) said slyly.

My new weapon, a sword, felt light and perfect in my hand. I swung upward and then down on the opponent. I stopped it right at his neck. He gulped, nervous and scared for his life. "I don't like killing," I said quietly to him. "But you've gotta do what you have to. And you're invading my homeland. Is there anything you'd like to say before I spill your blood over this precious ground?"

"You, uh, you're pretty," the monster murmured to me.

"Bastard!" I spat. "Shining sword attack!" And with that I shoved the sword into his throat, blood spraying on my face and uniform. He gasped and fell over, dead.

I sheathed my sword slowly, blood still dripping from it. I'd clean it later.

Arms grabbed me and pulled me close. I screamed and turned. I was caught by the king of one of the planets in Sector 9. Tall and handsome he was, but also very evil. His cold blue eyes gave it away.

"I shall have much thrill in killing you Techi Nyou. You are such a strong beautiful girl. But you aren't strong enough to save your pathetic planet. You scouts will not be able to function without their dear leader. They will fall and your planet will crumble. It will become our military base, and we'll slowly take over the entire galaxy. But as an exception to the galaxy we'll take Earth as well."

"Never! I shall never die by your sword! This planet will not fall! Our people are strong and they will fight you," I snarled.

"Stop the noble crap. You know just as well as I do that this planet is doomed and there's nothing you can do. And who says that you'll die by my sword. I have magic just like you." He laughed manically.

He looked up and smiled. "Dark star lighting blast!" A dark, but yet it was still glowing, streak of lighting stuck my body. The pain was tremendous but I did not yell or scream. If I did he would like it even more.

I turned to look at my friends who were fluttering over to my side. "My friends, my scouts," I groaned. "D-do not give u-up." It was hard to speak. "This planet m-m-must not f-fall." I shut my eyes and I could feel myself dying. The pain was beginning to fade, and all the sudden it was gone.

I died.

"HOLY SHIT!" I shot up from bed. "That's got to be the scariest dream I have ever had."

Koji came running into my bedroom. "Hikarzu, are you alright? I heard you screaming."

"I-it's nothing, just a bad dream."

"What happened?"

"We were fighting. And then the king of a planet in Sector 9, who was really cute, captured me. He used magic and killed me," I explained.

"I heard somebody tell me that dreams always happened for a reason. Do you think it meant something about our future battles?" Koji's blue eyes were wide and I couldn't read any emotion from them.

"I don't know," I said thinking very hard. "But do you suppose that the people from Sector 9 can use magic?"

"The monsters didn't seem to have any."

"Yes, but the actual people? Like the ship captains and the army that they say is coming?"

"I do not know," Koji sighed.

"If so our upgrades had better be as powerful as my mother made it sound."

"Indeed we will," Koji laughed.

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