Resurrect Me

Day after day I've waited
For you to come home
My heart fills with grief
- I am forgotten

Wishing you'd notice me
I stay in my hiding place
I'm waiting for you
- Collecting dust

You cast your eyes on me
From time to time
Your attention soon leaves
- But, I'll never leave you

I love you so much
You loved me before
Feelings change, I guess
- But, mine will never change

Now that you find me
I've waited so long
In my dark hiding place
- Collecting dust

Why come to me now?
What has made you change?
Don't look at me
- I'm dirty

You hold me in your arms
You vow to never leave
You say you love me
- Dust falls on your shirt

You shake the dust from my hair
You wipe away my tears
You lick away the dirt
- I am remembered

I kiss your lips
I hold you close
You kiss my neck
- I love you

I had waited so long
Wanting you
Now that you have me
- I don't deserve you

Kiss my tears away
Love me one last time
Put me back in my hiding place
- Resurrect me