The Adventures of the Mugwump Children ~by Ellie~

The Mugwump children felt rather apathetic, as they were stuck at home doing lessons on a rainy day. Prudence, the eldest at sixteen, looked out the window. "I do wish something exciting would happen, like a genie granting us three wishes, even though I know that sort of thing never really happens in real life." Of course she was right, that sort of thing never really does happen in real life, so it was an execrably stupid thing to say in the first place.

The next eldest, Hillary, twelve, piped up, "That was an execrably stupid thing to say, Prudence." Unlike her elder sister, Hillary was not execrably stupid.

"Yeah DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PrOOOOOOOOOdence," the eldest son, Bertram, who was ten, said intelligently.

"Prudence, I must agree with my siblings in commenting that the remark which you audibly formulated in these recent times has sent a monumental benchmark for stupidity in the new century and I believe the only way to reconcile yourself to your former status is to continue participating in your algebra lessons," said Charlton, who was born yesterday.

But Prudence was still rather apathetic and didn't at all feel like algebra. Although her brothers and sisters said it was a dim-witted thing to say, they all felt the same.

Luckily, the world momentarily turned into cork.

Prudence had her fun as did Hillary, Bertram and Charlton. Unfortunately her other siblings, Clemence, aged eight; Beatrice, five; and Gertrude, thirteen; were in the parlour, and missed out on all the fun.

"Oh, Trudy!" articulated Hillary to Gertrude, "What a shame you missed out on all our adventures in the world of cork!"

The other children all agreed that it was the time of their lives, and that it would never happen again. So Clem, Trixy and Gertrude had just darn missed out.