(It is about midnight on Friday night and there is a nock at the door)

Kaz: huh (opens it up) oh hi what you doing here

Judith: the asshole ran away

Kaz: (still half asleep) who

Judith: Robbie

Kaz: (now awake) what do you mean he ran away, what did he run away from

Judith: well the thing is well we did, well I'm pregnant

Kaz: what (totally awake now) are you joking

Judith: no of course not. Fine if you don't want to hear about it I won't tell you

Kaz: (grabs her wrist) no wait I'm sorry it's just a surprise

Judith: it's ok, but if you think you where surprised I was a lot more

Kaz: does Patricia know

Judith: no only three people know

Kaz: well you need to get to the doctors to make sure

Judith: but well if I go my mom will find out

Kaz: don't worry I'll cover it she will never find out

Judith: thanks

Kaz: hey what are friends for

Judith: yeah