It is the next morning. We are at the church. We are sitting in are usual seats in the back.

"Hey is it just me or is Brian looking at us as he is talking." I say, and Judith looks up and sees Brian looking at them us the back as he is preaching. He then turns his head

"Yeah I would say you are right. You don't think he heard us yesterday do you?" she asks

"No of course not. Well I hope not. So is it all set up, with your parents?" I ask. My hand gripping hers

"Yep, I still can't believe that we are doing this. You know two days ago at this time everything was fine. I wasn't pregnant, well I didn't know about it. I was on my way to be in the air force. I wasn't even going to think about marriage. Till at least the end of high school" she starts sniffling

I make a shh sound and pull her close. Lucky everyone else is singing "It's ok listen let's go out in the hall. That way we can talk in private" so I take her out in to the hall and wave my hand in a no motion to Mr. Delasein who was out in the hall. We head in to the library and I close the door behind us. We then sit down on the couch

"I'm sorry it's just that well I fell like I always want to cry. You know it's like one moment I'm all happy and the next I'm all weepy. I hate crying you know. And I fell all needy like I can't do anything for myself. I hate it" she now seems to be getting mad

"It's not your fault" she interrupts me

"Will you stop saying that can't you say anything else. Yes it is my fault. Ok I know that you know that. So stop saying it's not. I'm not a little girl I know what we did. You don't need to try to protect me. I am sick of it ok so why don't you just get the hell out of here" she is mad. But so am I

And I am hurt. Am I really that big of a jerk. Well looks like it. "Fine you know what fine ok I am used to you yelling at me. But if you want a break fine" I walk out then out of the church

She runs out after me "You get the hell back here. I'm not done yelling at you yet. You always do this" she catches up to me and turns me around

"What do I do huh not stand there letting you yell at me. Wait I usually do, do that. Let you chose what we do. Oh nope I let you do that. Support you as much as possible, do I do that oh wait I do. Treat you as best as I can. Hmm yep. Yell at you for treating me like dirt at times nope not usually. Hold in my temper when you try to bring it out as much as possible. Yes I usually do. But we need to get this straightened out. I love you, you know that. I can understand that maybe you like someone else better. But that doesn't mean you can treat me like trash," I yells back at hurt

"No you make me fell guilty. I am mad, but you just have to make me fell guilty." She pulls me close "So just shut up ok"

"Sure" she hits me "Owe what was that for"

"I told you to be quite" she giggles

"I seem to have a hard time with that"

"Yeah but you were right you know?" she says

"How was that" I am now curious

"You do take all the crap I give you. You are like my best friend, and well I do like you. So I'm sorry it's just"

"Hormones" I give her the word

"Yeah sure whatever." We head back to church

"There is one thing I think we need to talk about that you brought up though" she looks as if she doesn't know what I am talking about. "Well you said you hadn't even thought about marriage, before high school before this."