I stand here to see,
tears running through my face,
like sharp knives cutting through my skin.
Drop, by drop,
each tear bleeds out of the corners,
of my eyes.

Blood seems to seep through my cuts.
They come from the tears of my soul.
Its all a reflection of myself,
the pain I caused.
I can't stop these thoughts, these tears,
they keep on coming.

Every inch of my mind aches,
it's pulling me apart,
My soul is uncontrollable.
It keeps on pouring out tears.
Tears that turn black and dead,
on the edges of my cheeks.

I need help,
no one cares nor understands.
My friends are liars,
the family doesn't tell me anything.
Nothing lends me a hand,
I'm falling.

I crash,
I bleed out blood of betrayal and tears.
It's so hard to breathe,
I'm suffocating in my own world,

I'm bleeding,
I can't take it anymore,
the pain is overwhelming.
I could end this all,
I want to stop.
I can't go foward anymore.