Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a witch. Not your regular spells-and-hexes-turn-your-prince-into-a-frog witch, but a mad scientist witch. Her name was Gracollac. (Pronounced Grah-coh-lock). Gracollac's idea of torture was throwing her prisoners into a closet filled with tracheas and hearts. Gracollac lived in a castle on top of a mountain that towered over the innocent town of Sweetbrire.

Sweetbririans were very simples people. The women wore solid colored gowns with white aprons and the men wore brown or black pants with white shirts and jackets. The royals were the only people who dressed differently. They wore silk or velvet kimonos embroidered with jewels from far away lands. All except Takatia. (Pronounced -Taw-kaw-shee-uh).

Takatia wore flashy, multi colored skirts with silk blouses and leather jackets. Around her neck she wore blue, yellow and green cashmere scarves that were as long as she was, which was very long because she was only five feet tall. Takatia didn't believe in Gracollac or other superstitiony things. She thought it was all bologna. Takatia had strawberry blonde hair, smooth skin, and green eyes with long eye lashes.

It was on Takatia's 21st birthday that Gracollac captured Princess Plumeria of Sweetbrire. Plumeria was the daughter of Queen Paprika (yes like the spice) the ruler of Sweetbrire. Gracollac came down from the mountain riding her llama Noodles and captured Princess Plumeria who was flirting with the duke's son and the miller's brother. At first Plumeria didn't know what had happened, it wasn't very often that she found herself riding up a mountain on a llama with a purple-faced, hook nosed, creepy looking old lady. When she did realize what was happening though, she began to scream in a only a way that a Princess in distress knows how to scream. Archers and hunters, knights in shining armor and knights in dull armor all went to try and rescue the Princess. But they were no match to the strength of Gracollac's power. She threw guts and organs at them until they finally retreated to the palace where the king and queen were beside themselves with worry and beginning to devise a rescue plan. This is where the story begins…