"Not so fast! You think you can just leave. Well you have not yet seen the least of my powers, you foolish people!" It was Gracollac.

"Is this the part when she nearly kills one of us?" Said Cal, looking around nervously.

"What do you want from us?" Demanded Takatia. Gracollac said nothing, just gave Takatia an evil grin. She reached our her long purple hands flames shot from her fingertips and onto Plumeria's gown. The princess screamed stupidly. Samontha grabbed a buck of water (that was somehow conveniently sitting there) and threw it on her. Plumeria looked at her soaking gown and whimpered.

"You have nothing to defend yourself with except an outcast, a spy, a prince, and half burned, wet stupid princess!" Plumeria looked around to see who she was referring to. Takatia drew her sword, ready to defend herself. Suddenly she felt Cal's hand on her shoulder,

"Let's just get out of here," he whispered, pointing to another door further down the hall and past Gracollac. Takatia glanced nervously at the witch. Gracollac looked at her sword and laughed,

"Honestly, you are as naïve as your mother was!" She said, shaking her head.

"My what?" Said Takatia, almost dropping her sword. Cal grabbed her arm and broke into a run, "Cal wait…wait what do you mean, Gracollac?"

"Takatia there is no time!" Cal yelled. Takatia knew she would never know the truth if she died, so she ran.


"Prince Calamity of Daytemoore," said Queen Paprika, beaming, "because of your honorable deed in rescuing my daughter, you have earned her hand in marriage! I pomise you she will make a fine queen of Daytemoore!" Neither Plumeria nor Cal looked to pleased about this. Samontha was off somewhere sobbing at the moment, she was truly in love with the princess. Takatia was standing in the hall listening, she had already been offered her reward, but had declined. She didn't need it, she would have no use for it. For some reason though, she felt very, very alone.

She lived alone for pretty much her whole life, but she had never actually felt alone. Now she could feel a widening whole inside of her, she was afraid would never be filled.

She walked back to her home on the edge of the city. Inside it was exactly as she had left it. Her yellow cashmere scarf still lay with a rip in it and a sewing needle, lying on top just as she had left it. She walked around the house silently, just staring at everything, reflecting on the dramatic changes her life had taken. It was odd to have everything suddenly back to normal, it didn't feel right.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and she jumped. The last time someone had knocked on her door things had gone in quite an odd direction. She was interested to see what would happen this time. She walked to the door and opened it slowly,

"Cal!" She cried, flinging the door open.

"Where did you go? I thought you would still be in the palace but by the time I was done talking to the queen you had left!" She frowned and shrugged, "anyways," Cal went on, "there is something I have to….uh….well…you see…I have been thinking….and well…" he started to look extremely nervous, "well the thing is Takatia…"

"What?" She said, getting impatient. He looked up at her, then pulled her into his arms and kissed her right then and there. She was so shocked, she almost fell over, but then as she got more comfortable she slowly leaned into his embrace. Unfortunately, they were standing on Takatia's front porch which had stairs and they were very close to those stairs, so when Cal took a step back they both went tumbling down the stairs and landed in a pathetic mess on the ground. Takatia laughed, then got very serious, "But Cal, you are marrying Plumeria." She smiled,

"No way in hell I'm doing that. Samontha is marrying her, Plumeria wouldn't have it any other way, and well she is the princess…Paprika wasn't thrilled but I think she'll deal,"

"So, what do you think?" Asked Takatia, smiling sweetly.

"I think I love you, Takatia," Said Cal, smiling back.

"You know," said Takatia, "for some strange reason I think I love you too." He carried her to the bedroom, only tripping once, and as always, they all lived happily ever after….for now! (muahaha)



Is this truly the end? I think not, I feel a sequel in the works. I have come to love these characters too much to just let them go. Cal and Takatia would have some hot-headed children now wouldn't they? If you have any suggestions or ways for to improve next time, please tell me. This isn't suppose to be some great piece of literature, just entertaining. I hope it has been LOTS OF LOVE ~Laralie