Hello handsome
Hello precious
You're a bastard,
I love you.

I hate you,
You love me.
Do you see anything wrong with this?
Goodbye, birdy, fly away.

Kill, destroy, plunder,
All the same to me.
It's what I'm going to do to you.
Goodbye, birdy, 'till another day.

Get away please,
Leave me be.
I don't need you.
Goodbye, birdy, find your home.

I hold the dagger,
I'm going to cut.
The blood flows down your neck.
Goodbye, birdy, into the foam.

I love this,
Your heart's cut.
But you're still alive?
Come back, birdy, hold me.

I'm burying you,
You mangy mutt.
You will never die.
Come back, birdy, help me see.

Bye handsome
Never precious
You're dead to me,
You never will be.
Slash. Blood. Fall.