Okay, probably the last little cutesy romance poem that anybody will see
from me for a long while.. I don't have it in me for the time being, and
things in my life are not so good..
Not my usual style. I haven't written anything in a long time while trying
to pull myself together. This is one of my first icebreakers, but
hopefully it doesn't sound too bad..

I'm standing in your shadow
My eyes are wide, staring into yours
My breath nearly stops, I gasp for air
My heart beats so fast, can you hear it?
The room is out of focus, all I see is you
I'm so very scared, yet so sure
All that matters is you
You, only you
I hear you whisper my name, soft and sweet
You gently move your finger along my cheek
I fall into your embrace, your arms so strong around my waist
Tender kisses on my cheek and a gentle kiss on my lips
I feel so lost within you, though I don't care
I feel so free
But I feel so weak
All I want is you
I'm so committed to you
It's all so strange
Yet it's all so right
I know for sure of at least one thing:
I'm so in love with you