Flesh and Bone

Look into my eyes,

And tell me what you see,

Tell me if there's something there

That you want to be.

You shake your head

And proceed to cut the flesh,

Skin me of my pride,

Take away my individuality,

You shackle me upon the rack

Slowly dislocating every joint,

You place me in the Iron Maiden,

Puncturing the heart and soul.

Life oozes from my flesh

Its crimson hue staining the skin.

You smile.

Chained to a wall

Back arched

Muscles tense,

You crack your leather whip

Lined in metal spokes,

Coated with lemon juice,

Sprinkled with salt.

The pain of its touch

Rolls through my being with every lash,

My body jerks in protest,

My flesh drops to the ground.

You laugh.

The radiation of the pain

Warms the body,

As you gently move the bones

From their form.

A prick from a needle,

Awakens the senses

As you skillfully sew your skin

To cover my newly placed bones.

I move my arms around

Wincing at the snags of thread,

The tightness of this covering.

Look into my eyes,

And tell me what you see.

Am I perfect now,

As your creation,

Am I everything you want to be?