I want to die

I want to disappear

Without a trace

Without notice

The world flashing by without it's needed joy

All the material needs are satisfied but so much else isn't

So much more is missing

Nearly abandoned by those of whom I care

To put my arms around a girl I care for

And just stay in the moment

I don't want a funeral

I don't want a burial

I don't want a corpse

Most importantly I don't want a legacy

You can't have everything, I guess

To grow apart and be left behind


To be in a room filled with people and still be incredibly lonely in a world of my own.

To want to be with friends

But to not know how

To want to not dwell on the past

But to not know how

To want to be smarter or wiser

But to not know how

To want each of you to feel better

But to not know how to do it

You say "I don't know you anymore"

You say "I don't know much more about you than your name"

All I can do is cry inside out


We're all destined to die at some point

Why not now when the world's spinning around you beyond your control


Something I don't have

Something I don't want

There's no other way out

I'll just say my last goodbyes

I'll do it right this time!