A/N: Hello. This is story based on somthing that happend in my online RPG. The main two characters in that game are Rine, he's a half fearie half demon played by me and Yukichi, a human played by my friend Shannon. The only other characters in this are Shannons two characters Kozi and Kira an they only play small parts.. and a few characters of mine that are only mentioned. Come to think of it Yukichi is mostly only mentioned.. Also this is in Rine's POV and he's talking to Yukichi.. in a way.

As I hold you I can feel you're heart beating its last beats. I cry even if I know that crying will not help me. Yukichi you are my everything.. and to loose you like this feels so wrong. Why are you dieing its me she wanted. She wanted to kill me.. because I am what I am. Because of my blood she wanted me gone. And yet you sheiled me and let her take your life instead. Why? Why did you die for me? Don't you understand!? We are in love... you can't just leave me. You are just like Kaye! He left me.. and that was my fault just like this. If it were not for me you would not be lying here.. dieing. If it were not for me you would be happy. But we found each other, you and I two people of different worlds, different races. I guess thats why our love is doomed.

Oh God Yukichi, why are you dying. Why can't I stop this all.. my my magic wont work. Damn that woman, who she attacked you with that damned blade you cannot heal the wounds with fearie magic. And demons do not have healing spells that would work. Why couldn't I have been born a human? I can hear them talking faintly, I hear Kozi's voice "Yukichi....you big idiot...how can we not worry! You're gunna-" I feel You burry his face in my hair. I hear the words coming out of my own mouth now. I am still trying heal you, even if I know I can't. "No... it has to work! Yukichi... no...."

"Rine.." You kiss me one last time. "I love you.." Then Yukichi, you rest head on mine. "I'm glad I met you.." I can hear Kozi scream. "Yukichi!" I feel him grab your shirt. "Yukichi.." my last words to you before everything goes blank. My demon, Kikaru is taking over. I shut down my mind as he takes over my body. I am only trying to think of happy things. Like love and you.. but the thought of you makes my mind awaken. I want to cry but have no control over my body so I cannot. My mind starts to wander to before I met you. To a time when I was with Kaye, you in life you have forgotten. I was in love with him as well. But now that I think I am in love with you more then I was ever in love with Kaye. Because you are Yukichi, or were.

I see my first life as if I am watching a movie. I remember the night I was drunk, when I had sex with that human woman. The day my daughter Linasmarian was born and how at the very moment her mother died and we had to use a spell so my child would live. I remember the day when a spell was cast upon Linas, to put her to sleep. Then my memory goes to when I used to escape my studies to be with my lover, Zen. I remember how he used to tell me that it was wrong that I skiped all my studies that I would never grow to be strong if I didn't learn magic. I remember the day that Zen and I parted it was on that very day that heartbroken I met Kaye. He was standing there with his lover, her name was Rei. I fell in love with him at once.

Kaye had looked my way just for a moment and I had felt my cheeks blush. I never knew that he would leave Rei for me. I ruined her life. I guess I'm good at doing that aren't I? We declared our love to each other but it was unheard of. A peron that was a mix of two of the most powerful races, me and a human, Kaye. Not only that but we were both male and that made the fearies get very angry. They hated Kaye.. but I loved him so I didn't care what they thought. As long as Kaye and I were together. I remember clearly the way it felt to be in his arms. The way I blushed when I kissed him, everything about him. It was the first time I was in love and it was so perfect. Then I saw the day that Kaye and I had that fight. The day I killed him. He accused me of seeing others and I got very angry at him. How could he think that? I loved him and would never want another while I had him. My anger made my demon side take over. I killed him, I killed the man I loved!

After that, Kikaru took over completly. For fifty years he had me under his control. It was only when I had my closest friend, Laura kill me that I was free at last. When I was born again to the human woman Kiyoko Inukai -after spending nearly two hundred years dead- I had no memory of my first life. I was just another kid born into a house full of insane people. After I got my memories back I went to live with an elderly man named Kyle, he was mean and nasty most of the time but he was the only thing I had for a long while. When I was four my sister Dragoon who had been keeping in touch and helping me regain my memories died. I was devistated. She was the only person of my real family I knew and the kindest person to me ever. And everything just went downhill after that. When I was five and a half I started to dress in womans clothing.

For me my only escape from my life was to become someone I am not. I was the subject of much insults and so many people just seemed to hate me for no reason. Then when I was around twelve Kyle moved us to America. In America I did -just as in Japan- awful in school. My memory by then was totaly back but I could not read anything but fearie and demon. They did not think I was smart enough for a normal school and I was sent to a Boces school. Special Education.. the school was around wear I lived on Long Island. Only around a half houre drive. It became an hour long however because of all the other kids. I lived in a town called West Islip and the school was in Port Jefferson, infact the schools name was The Jefferson School.

I didn't make many friends while in America. But I did make a few. One girl named Becky became my friend and a boy named Thomas. I got along well with them but, Becky was so bussy ignoring Thomas that we didn't talk very much and Thomas talked alot more then I would have liked him to. The three of us role played often. That was fun I guess.. but then around three years after we came to America I had to leave my friends and go back to Japan. I missed them when I did. Shortly after we returned to Japan I gave up my crossdressing and found a boyfriend. His name was Robert and he came from America. Robert and I only dated for a short time because he got killed very shortly after we started dating.

After Robert got killed his best friend, a girl named Emi came to me to cry. We ended up going and getting drunk -I still don't remember how we got the drinks- and once again I made a big mistake. I slept with Emi. Oh God Yukichi.. I don't know why that happend. After that I found myself crying and found a man named Hiro who offerd me a shoulder to cry on. He was older then I, by how much I can not recall ever asking. Hiro took me and we dated, for two years Hiro was my lover. But even then nothing was good. Kyle was becoming more insane, just because of his damned Cherry Robots. The things kept on ruining my life. I had to train so much... I didn't see Hiro as much as I wanted and at some times when I did he sweet younger sister Sonomi would give me death glares.

Sonomi is a demon hunter and hates all demons. Since that is what I am half of she hates me... but I didn't care because I had Hiro. Then things changed. I was seventeen, and badly hurt one night when I came to see Hiro -he was living on his own- he was drunk. And when I refused to have sex with him because of my pains he forced it on me. Yukichi I hated I tried to get away from him but.. I have a weak body and since I was hurt it made it very simple for him. I remember him coming up to me, slapping me when I told him I could not do anything with him like that. He screamed at me, told me he was the only one who loved me, that no one else would love a littly sissy like me. It hurt to hear him say that. His words still sting to remember. "No one will ever love you but me! You're such a weak little thing. A little sissy. I am the only one who can ever have feelings for you. So just shut the fuck up and do as I say."

And then it all happend. I woke up and he was gone, I was at my home and Kyle was sitting there. The look on his face told me he knew what had happend. I just wanted to die again. I wanted to finally be with Kaye once more. When I died the first time it was not forever so I was not put in heaven with my Kaye. I lived though and my body slowly healed. About a month or so later a classmate of mine, Emura walked up to me. I had a crush on Emura for some time and he asked me out. I knew that the only way to heal was to move on so I told him I would go out with him.. in a way that was a mistake. A week later it ended. He had been so kind and loving that I thought I might be in love again.. but I was wrong. And even if I did love him he didn't return the feeling. He was dared to do it, by his girlfriend no less. I ran from him. And then that was the day I met you. I was crying under a tree and you saved me.

You were my angel that day Yukichi. And I swear I fell for you so quickly it was like Kaye all over again. Thinking about that day I want to cry again. But this demon is still in control. I wish he wasn't. Then I could try and live. I doubt I would be able to live without you though. I suddenly find my world changing once again, and find Kira kissing me. I push him away. Kira looks at me "Rine..is it you? Did it work?" I nod slightly then finally let my tears out. Kira walks over to me and wraps his arms around me. "Rine..don't cry...its gunna be okay..."

I don't stop crying. "No its not! Its not going to be okay... Yukichi is gone... I've lost Kaye twice... but this time it was worse.." I continue to ramble about my feelings doubting he understands what I mean very well. He smiles at me "Yukichi isn't gone..just delayed..." I don't know what he means so I just continue to cry. He runs his fingers through my hair, "You've had a hard day..maybe you should go home..." I don't speak, instead I block everything out and just cry. Kira sighs and holds me close. "Come on.." he guids me back home. Yukichi... why did you have to die!? You left me along.. oh God.. Yukichi please come back! I get lost in my thoughts about you and the next thing I know I'm home.. Kira is patting my back.

"I have a feeling....you'll be just fine.." he tells me and lets me walk in. I look at him, well my eyes do but my soul is not in it. I give him a weak smile. "Trust me.." he nudges me. I go and sit down then start to cry again. "Why are you crying.." Yukichi can that be you? I turn twords the voice and see you. "Y-yukichi!?" You look odd. Everything about you is so pale and your shirt is open so I can see a long scar where she got you.. your eyes are dim but still so pretty. Your eyes are always pretty. And you are dressed in white. Like an angel. "Sorry that took so long...I had something I had to do.." you say to me and I smile. "I.. I can't beleave that your back.." he walk over and kiss me. "Yeah..." I wrap my arms around you. "I'm so glad..."

*-The End-*

well not really. There is much more to Cherry Robots infact this only based on somthing that happend in the game. The game itself is in 3rd person POV and the flash backs Rine had were not in the game, since it told about what the others were doing and not him. Oh well.. reveiw! If you tell me in a reveiw you want to rp in this and or read all the many many MANY pages of this rpg leave your e-mail in the reveiw or you can contact me through e-mail: [email protected] or instent messenger. AIM: RinexYukichi , YIM: Kyou213 , and MSN:[email protected]