Everything changes. Winter to spring, and summer to fall. People also change. I went from a reckless young girl refusing to put on pants, now a mature 15 year old girl worrying about clothes, makeup, hair, and boys. Things also grow. My once short hair cut after having a fight with bubble gum to my gorgeous flaming red hair half way down my back. Relationships change the most. When you least expect it, POW in your face.
Nikki would have loved to see my long curly locks. She was there holding my hand helping me not cry over losing my hair. For student awards in the 6th grade I won the best hair award.
Nikki was my best friend. When I was 8 and she was 13, she was my babysitter. I didn't have a lot of friends at school, and I could turn to Nikki for anything. Especially since my mom died and my dad always tried to have the little 'talks', but I needed an older woman to share my emotions to. Something you can't share with men. My dad paid her to babysit me, in return, she expanded my imagination.
As we grew, so did our friendship. We spent so much time with each other, her friends were convinced we were sisters. We didn't look like it really, I had red hair and my face dirty with freckles, while she had bright blonde hair that could light up the room when it was dark and musty, and flawless skin that reminds me of baby's butts.
She made my days happy. When I was upset she was there for me. When I was estatic, she was cheering me on and encouaging me towards my goals. Not only was she a sister to me, she was like a mom. I knew she'd make a great mother.
She taught me to open not only my eyes, but my ears and hands. or my dad's payments to her for babysitting me, she gave me an imagination
She helped me conquer my fears. She took me to the highest rollercoaster in Disney Land when my dad took us. She held my hand and gave me a warm and secure feeling that lead me to facing my fears.
I loved her with every bit of my heart. She loved me too, until she died. It was my fault. All my fault.
I was 14 years old, and it was a few weeks before I'd be 15. Nikki was 19 and drove me to get our nails done for my birthday because I've never been and she'd be gone on vacation. I sometimes forget that she isn't my sister, so I had to let her go eventually.
We were driving back to my house to drop me off and my nails were shimmering purple and hers fire hot red. She's a secure driver, and when I changed the radio station, she got mad and changed it again, but a drunk driver was in the wrong lane and smashed right into us. She died instantly of breaking a neck, and my legs were up on the dash board right were the airbag was, and it broke both of my legs.
I was pinned between my chair and the airbag, and I couldn't move. I struggled and struggled, but my lower body was stuck. I winced for about 30 minutes until finally an ambulence came and took me away.
I don't remember much after that until I woke up in a hospital room. Both of my legs had blue casts, and my dad probably requested that knowing it was my favorite color.
My head was also slightly damaged. I hit it hard during the crash and I had bandages covering it. A few gashes were along my forehead, not deep, but it was painful.
I stayed at the hospital for a few weeks having plenty of visits from people that I didn't even know cared about me. I got flowers, candy, and get well cards from plenty of Nikki's friends.
Every night I cried and cried my head off of fear of missing Nikki, my friend, my sister, my mother. I didn't want to lose her, but I did. It was my fault.