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I sit there and watch Selene. The way she moves, her smile, her attitude. The way she carries herself with this look of confidence, hiding her insecurities. I know she has to have many with all that's gone on. Actually, she's unknowingly let that slip.

The way she look at Meagan, her 'friend', when she thinks no one is looking. The disapproval, the distrust, that twitch of her cheek muscle when she's worn that forced smile too long. It saddens me to see such a free spirit contained. I hurt me to see her hurt and no one to really show they care. If I could I would give her my status, switch with her, let her have a taste of being the most popular girl in class without having to go through all I did. None of those guys meant anything and it hurt me worse then it did the people I stabbed in the back.

I'd go through all that again though if for some reason it would make her happy, but it doesn't. it only makes her look down on me. Like the Maiden Goddess she values her virginity, as I would mine if I could have it back again. Sometimes I wish I were male so I could have a chance with such a pure body, with such a passionate person.

But back to her, Selene. Even her name sounds angelic, yet deep like her other side. She's a rebel, you can tell by her eyes, those deep brown eyes that put my hazel ones to shame. I can see the hate building but then I can see how she'd afraid of it, how it's consuming her along with her other emotions. I'd give anything to know exactly what's making her that way. ANYTHING! That's it. I can't stand it. I can't stand not knowing what's wrong.

My whole body's shaking. I can't believe I'm walking over to her. What do I say? "Selene?" Uh-oh, that was way too soft. I can't believe I said her name like that.

"Yes, Hellen, what is it?" The way her hair flips as she turns to look at me, oh, that beautiful hair.

She's just so different than the other girls. She's so. Oh yeah, I should say something. "Are you busy tonight? I'm thinking, maybe, since it's Friday, we could hang out at my place, spend the night, talk, catch up?"

"What?" I knew she'd be confused. We haven't hung out for years. I wouldn't blame her if she just said no. "Well, uhmm, no, I'm not busy. I'll have to ask my parents though, but I'd like to. You know, we have A LOT of catching up to do!"

She'd like to! Yes! Oh, and that sweet smile. Oh, how can I be so lucky? "Well, can you call your mother at lunch? You know, so you can ride home with me?" My heart's beating a million miles an hour. I really hope she can't hear it.

"Yeah, sure. Can't wait!" Man, that girl knocks me for loops.

I don't know how I've brought myself to walk away but somehow I have. I just turned around and walked away but I want to see her again. NO! Oh, why am I going back to those false friends when she's right there? Hellen, come on think straight, you don't want them to know you have a crush. is that what it is? I don't know, maybe. on a girl.

I hope it's not too obvious but then do they ever really pay attention? I feel like I'm floating, wow, I actually talked to her! I hope she does get to come. I really want to know what on her mind. Maybe eve try to help. I hope I can, Selene.