Recently, I put a disclaimer type blurb for this story in my user info explaining the use of the names Zillah and Nothing. It said the following.

"NOTICE: The names Zillah and Nothing (From AFN) were requested by a friend. I hear they're from a book. I've never read it."

However, I just received a review that stated:

"Aren't Zillah and Nothing the vampires Poppy Z. Brite's? Aren't they from that wonderful novel she wrote... "Lost Soul"? You know, there's a section for Poppy Z. Brite in Or you could at least have mentionned her name in here... Somewhere…"

To be sure that EVERYONE sees this, I will repeat myself here and move this to the beginning of the story.

I have never read the novel where the names are from. In fact, I was not even aware that the characters were vampires. This story started as something to try to cheer up a friend of mine, and so I asked her to suggest names for the two main characters. These are what she suggested.

I do not consider this to be fan fiction, seeing as I have never read the book, and I sincerely hope that the characters and plots are considerably different. If not, I'd love for someone to inform me of such.

I'm a bit peeved that I got said review after putting something up in my info, but I suppose I should have known better than to expect people to see my info. Said review only added to my growing dislike of this story, however, so I hope to end this quickly and move on to other things. I hope my readers will give my next project a look.