A young girl around 16 looked up at the house that was looming over her. Sucking up any courage she had she walked up to the door. Her long chocolate brown hair was in a ponytail that was dripping wet from the pouring rain. She knocked on the door.

'What will he think? Will he turn me away?' she wondered as she shifted her luggage to her other shoulder. The door opened a little.

"Oceania? What are you doing all the way out here? You live four hours from here! You're soaking!" the boy around 18 ushered her inside. He got a towel and wrapped her in it.

Oceania sniffed, before turning her silver-blue eyes on him. "Jay, something horrible has happened! I'm..."

Jason Thomas wrapped her in a hug. "Your what?"

"I-I'm pregnant!" she cried into his shoulder. Jay looked at her with shock and horror in his eyes.

"What happened?"

"Well I was at a party, and I asked my friend to get me a drink of soda, and than they gave me a big glass of what I thought was soda, after I finished the glass, I passed out! Than I woke up, and, uh I was naked. I prayed nothing happened but than a week or two later I started feeling ill, and I became worried I got a test, and it tested...positive..." Oceania sobbed quietly "Than I snuck out of the house, left a note for mom and dad saying not to worry and I'll be back soon. They'd kill me if they found out!"

"Huh? Jay what's all the noise down here?" A sleepy brown-gray haired middle-aged woman said.

"Mom may I speak to you in the kitchen?" Jay whispered as he dragged his mother by the arm toward the kitchen. Oceania placed her face in her hands and continued to sob quietly.

Jay quickly went over what happened as his mother's mouth hung open in shock. Jay sucked in a breath, "Please mom, let her stay!"

Oceania materialized in the doorway. "If you don't want me to stay Mrs. Thomas I can leave, there's another place for me to stay, I don't want to cause trouble." She murmured wiping away tears.

"Sh-h-h-h, you can stay, I understand, but you'll still have to go to school till you start to show." Mrs. Thomas' pale green eyes rested on Oceania's mortified and ashamed ones.

"Mom?" A groggy voice came from the other end of the kitchen. Oceania backed away from the voice. A boy the same age as Oceania appeared from the bottom of the stairs.

"Nothing Tai, go back to bed." Whispered Mrs. Thomas.

"Mom! I'm 16! I'm not a little boy anymore! Who is she?" Tai asked as he pointed to Oceania.

"She's a friend of your brothers! Now off to bed!" Oceania turned to Jay.

"I really don't want to cause trouble." She murmured. She twisted the end of her hair around her finger.

Jay took her by the elbow and gently led her towards the guest room. "I bet you had a long day. Put on some dry clothes and relax k?" He said soothingly as he shut the door behind him. Pressing his back against the door he whispered, "it's gonna be a long eight months." As he made his way to his room and shut the door with a soft click.