Another month later Oceania had her first gig with her new band. Matt tried to get Oceania into a tight fitting outfit, but she ended up wearing a loss t-shirt and baggy jeans. So far Oceania was 2½ months pregnant and was starting to show a little

Oceania stepped up to the microphone; she had done this song hundreds of times. Sucking in a deep breath, Matt gave her the cue that they were going to start. The guitar started up followed by the drums; almost automatically she released her breath and began to sing the first verse.

'Turn it inside out so I can see

The part of you that's drifting over me

And when I wake you're never there

But when I sleep you're everywhere

You're everywhere'

She noticed Jay sitting in the audience, she caught his eye and she smiled brightly.

'Just tell me how I got this far

Just tell me why you're here and who you are

'Cause every time I look

You're never there

And every time I sleep

You're always there'

Shutting her eyes she was no longer sitting in a concert hall. She was back in the music room. Her best friend Ashley Marks would be on bass, TJ Jones would be on drums, Trisha Usher on keyboard and Wes Keith would be on guitar.

''Cause you're everywhere to me

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know

That makes me believe

I'm not alone

I'm not alone'

When she opened her eyes they melt from site and the room came back into view, leaving Oceania wishing desperately to be back home and this all to be a dream.

'I recognize the way you make me feel

It's hard to think that

You might not be real

I sense it now, the water's getting deep

I try to wash the pain away from me

Away from me'

Shaking her head she focused her eyes on the back wall and forced the memories out of her head, but no matter how hard she tried they came back.

'Cause you're everywhere to me

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know

That makes me believe

I'm not alone

I'm not alone'

She looked back at Matt. He was focusing hard on getting the right sound out that he didn't even notice her saddening stare. Turning back to the front she continued, willing the tears and memories away. 'Just a little more...'

'I am not alone

Whoa, oh, oooh, oh

And when I touch your hand

It's then I understand

The beauty that's within

It's now that we begin

You always light my way

I hope there never comes a day

No matter where I go

I always feel you so'

Once again she caught Jay's eye. Giving her the thumbs up, and mouthing to her 'two more verses!!' She nodded in response, sucking in a breath she plunged into the second last verse with all she had.

'Cause you're everywhere to me

And when I close my eyes it's you I see

You're everything I know

That makes me believe

I'm not alone

'Cause you're everywhere to me

And when I catch my breath

It's you I breathe

You're everything I know

That makes me believe

I'm not alone'

Changing her voice level she slowed down as the song was coming to an end, she was almost done! Her nerves were calming down somewhat. In a whisper like voice she sung the last verse.

You're in everyone I see

So tell me

Do you see me?

The guitar strung its last note, and the audience erupted into cheers and applause. Oceania smiled out to the crowd. She jogged off the stage to join the other band members.

"That was awesome Angel!" one of the band members said. He was a tall, dark haired guy named Lance, as he patted her on the back. Matt came up to her beaming with pride.

"We were a hit Angel!" Matt said excitedly. "And it's all thanks to you!"

Oceania smiled, yet it didn't reach her silver blue eyes. Why couldn't she just be happy? Why couldn't she just do what she has always planned?

~*~ Flash back ~*~

Ashley Marks was sitting on the chair with her legs dangling over the side lazily. Her brown hair in a ponytail. Oceania was bent over a piece of paper. Ashley stifled a yawn and glared silently at Oceania. Ashley picked up a small rock and threw it at Oceania.

Oceania looked up. "Yes Ash?"

"We've been sitting here forever! And you haven't said a word to me!" Ashley pouted.

Oceania put down her pen, folded her hands in her lap. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Uh, how about the future?" Oceania rolled her eyes.

"The future is so far away Ash I don't want to think about what it'll bring."

"I know you don't want to talk about that type of future."

"I don't have a future there. I'll take over my dad's business, have people run my mom's restaurant."

"I pity you! Your future is so planned out! You don't get adventure! All you get is to sit in a room, seeing how many computers you can sell. Where's the fun in that?"

Oceania shook her head. She longed for adventure, but knew her future was planned the minute she was born, it did make things easy for her though.

~*~ End of flashback ~*~

' was all easy till this happened.' Tears rolling down her cheeks she ran out of the concert hall and out of site.


Sorry it took so long! Anyway...I have the end all planned out, it'll have some surprises and stuff. Oh, and the song that Oceania singing is by Michelle Branch and I don't own it.