I walk up
With all my might
And am captured
In the spotlight
I gaze upon my enemy
He doesn't look nice
Not at all friendly
The enemy slowly
Come in groups
I stand waiting
For these army troops
They want to make me stiff
Make me paralyzed
They want to strike fear
In my eyes
I won't let them
I have rights
I'm not giving up
Without a fight
My only weapon
Is my voice
Whether I use it
Is my choice
I summon my weapon
It is shaky and weak
"No" I say to myself
"My weakness is what they seek."
"I must stand my ground
And be strong
With my weapon
Nothing can go wrong."
With my words I strike
Their ears one by one
They have listened
I have won
My enemy
Now gives an approving look
With that satisfaction
A bow I took
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