Chapter 1: Hello Mr. Dragon!

Welcome to the world of Lamorydia! I created all these characters and places so no stealing! Any resemblance to another story or anything is purely coincidental! Read on! Redone and reformatted…

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"Phew! That was some workout!" Travis Lovara said as he splashed some water from a nearby stream on his face, and then shook his head, sending water flying from his dark, brown hair.

            "Bah, you need to put some more force into it, boy," his uncle, Sword Master Drake Lovara, said before glugging down some water from his canteen. He wiped his mouth with the back of his leather-gloved hand. "That was too easy!"

            "I had you for a minute there you know," Travis said grinning, leaning on his sword.

            "I got distracted."

            "Hah! You just won't admit it!" He walked over and leaned against a tree with his arms crossed. "You're losing your touch. Your years are catching up to you, old man."

            Drake spat out his water. "Old man??? OLD MAN?!??!? I'm only 32, mind you!"

            The young swordsman laughed then turned to the entrance of the practice field. "Sis, you can come in now. We're resting for a bit."

            A young girl stood at the entrance, a large basket sitting beside her. She was wearing a jean jacket over a white flannel blouse with a light blue pleated skirt, her long blonde hair trailing down to her waist. At the sound of Travis' voice, she turned her head from the flowers she was tying together to him. "Are you sure…? I don't want to interrupt your practice…"

            Drake laughed. "Don't worry, Ari! I'm getting quite hungry!"

            "Okay." Arianna Lovara stood up and dusted herself off. Picking up the basket she walked over to them and smiled. "Hope you have room for all the stuff that's in here!" she said as she placed the large basket on the ground. "Please help yourself! And try the cookies I baked… Though I'm afraid they might have stayed in the oven a little too long…" she added hesitantly.

            "Psh, I think they're fine," Drake said as he reached for the basket. "I'll just move this over to—OOF!!" He struggled for a few moments, trying to lift the basket up. After a couple of unsuccessful tugs, Travis came over.

            "Okay, if Arianna can lift this then I don't see how you can't." Wondering why his uncle could not lift the basket, Travis placed both hands on the handle. With a loud grunt, he pulled hard, only to fall backwards.

            "Is it that heavy…?" Arianna asked as she peered behind Drake's shoulder as Travis jumped up and continued to try and push the basket.

            "How the heck did you carry this thing?!?" Travis panted.

            "Eh?" She bent over and picked it up. "It doesn't seem heavy to me…"

            They gaped then shook their heads in disbelief. "Must be suction or something…" Drake muttered.

            "Er…yeah…" Travis turned to Ari. "You can put it under the tree," he said still puzzled.

            "Okay," she said as she placed the basket under the tree and leaned against it. "So how is Travis coming along in his training, Uncle Drake?"

            He glanced at his young nephew. "For an eighteen year old, I guess he's coming along rather well."

            "Pah, you just won't admit that I almost had you" the young swordsman said coolly while rubbing an apple against his sleeve.

            "You were swinging your sword crazily!" Drake yelled. "Could have whacked someone's head off!"

            "I was NOT swinging it crazily! It was perfectly timed!"

            Drake crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "I still think that sword is still too big for you."

            "I'm handling it quite fine!"

            They butt heads against each other and growled.

            Arianna tried to suppress a laugh as they continued to glare at each other, lightning bolts seeming to erupt around them. "Come on now. You're both acting like children."

            "He's the child in this group," Drake said huffily, turning away to walk over to where Arianna was standing.

            At that comment, several veins popped on Travis' head as he quickly unsheathed his sword, throwing the forgotten apple down to the ground. "Okay!" he yelled angrily as he strode over to his uncle. "Rematch! Right here, right now!!"

            "But the food will get cold…" Arianna started to say, only to let her voice trail off as the two swordsmen rammed their swords against each other glaring. "This isn't how you should solve things…" she said softly sighing. "Oh well…I guess I should return home now," she mused softly and started toward the entrance. "Don't stay out too late," she called out to them. Seeing that they were still fighting, Arianna turned back around and sighed, leaving the training area.

            "All right, Ari!" Drake called after her after a moment. "Be careful in the woods now!"

            Arianna sighed as the sounds of swords crashing together filled reached her ears as she continued to walk down the dirt pathway. A minute later she stopped short, suddenly recalling something of importance. "Oh I almost forgot…Father Regis wanted to see me about something when I returned. I better hurry…" she told herself as she quickened her pace.

            In the middle of her walk she suddenly heard a rustling in some bushes. She stopped and turned, wondering what it could be. Her answer was soon answered as a little, white dragon rolled out in front of her. She blinked and stared at it while it stared back at her.

            After a moment, Arianna leaned down a bit and studied the dragon. "You don't look dangerous…" She blinked. "In fact…YOU LOOK ADORABLE!!"

            A sweat bead formed on the dragon's head and the creature blinked. Girl's whacked…isn't she afraid of me?

            Arianna bent over and patted its head. "You're not like other dragons I've heard about…you feel rather furry…and you have a nice fluffy mane and horn in the middle of your head instead of two on the sides…" She paused her stroking and looked at it for a moment. "I wonder where your mother is…"

            The little dragon rubbed his head against her hand, beckoning for her to continue petting. Well…she seems nice…better than the other people I've met. He snorted at the memory. Stupid punks… threw rocks at me and aimed their arrows at me… He paused in his musings and stared up at her. What is this weird feeling I'm getting…?

            The girl picked him up and noticed his sad face. "Aww…are you lost? I wonder if you have an owner…" She looked around, but after seeing no trace of another person around, she turned back to the dragon and gave him a warm smile. "Don't be sad little one. How about if you stay with me until we find him? Or her," she added hastily at an afterthought.

            The dragon blinked. Can…can this be true?? Will this young, beautiful maiden help me find my stupid master? Tears started to stream down his face. The Dragon God is watching over me!! He nodded his head, sniffling a little, and looked at her starry eyed. My savior!

            Arianna hugged him. "Ohhhh!! Honto ni kawaii!!!" She smiled at the little dragon. "I can't help right away, though, since it's getting dark, but will you come with me to the church? We can then start looking tomorrow."

            He nodded, the look of deep gratitude on his small reptilian shaped head. Thank you!!

            She smiled and carried him the rest of the way, softly singing a song to herself. I wonder what everyone is going to say when I walk into town carrying a baby dragon… She giggled slightly as she pictured the townspeople's expressions. They'll go berserk! She glanced down at the little dragon and blinked in surprise. "Oh my goodness!" Arianna exclaimed as she suddenly held the white dragon up to her face. "I didn't notice these before…but you have several cuts and bruises on you!"

            "Nyeh?" The dragon looked at her then winced. She noticed!

            "I'll have to fix you up when I get back home so bear it a little longer, okay?" She cradled him once again and gently rubbed his head, wondering who or what could have done this to this little creature.

            She's an angel from heaven!!!! The dragon thought, overwhelmed with happiness. He looked up at her, his small brown eyes shining with excitement. My stupid owner is going to fall head over heels when he sees her. Too bad I wasn't human myself …he added as an afterthought.

            Arianna blinked and looked down at the dragon. "Did you…just say something about your owner?"

            "Nyeah?!?!" He shook his head quickly. Can she read my thoughts?? He quickly tossed that possibility out. Impossible…  Maybe I just accidentally talked and not realize it…

            The girl shrugged. "Must be my imagination…" Seeing the familiar natural tree branch arch ahead of her, she quickened her pace. "We're almost there!" she exclaimed happily. "But first I have to stop by the church," she said hastily, remembering her appointment with the priest. Giving the dragon an apologetic look, she turned and hurried toward the small white chapel.

            The small dragon looked around in awe. Or at least tried to look around. Arianna had covered him with her jacket to hide him from straying eyes, something the dragon found a little uncomfortable. He enjoyed looking around his surroundings, not being hidden from them! But he was an understanding little dragon and decided to just take it in stride. He was still able to see through a small crack between the folds at any rate. The town was like none other he had ever seen before, and he had been to many different places. The buildings were very old style, connected to one another. Some were three-story, some one, but the dragon felt that this town was…very homey.

            Even the people look nice… he thought as people passed them. It also amazed him that the girl who was holding him seemed to know every person's name. She never failed to give them a smile or nod while also saying hello to them. It seemed that she was also well known as well as different shop merchants waved and called to her when she passed by. She must really be a nice girl…

It wasn't too much longer until they reached the small chapel located on the east side of the town. Compared to the churches the dragon had seen, this one had to be the smallest, and yet also the most beautiful. It didn't have statues to the Goddess or intricately carved designs on the walls. The only embellishments the small white chapel had were stain glass windows. There was one that had caught his interest, but before he could study it further, Arianna suddenly stopped by a tree and was slowly lifting the jacket.

"I'm not sure what others inside the church might say if I bring you in…" she was saying as she looked around quickly, "so you'll just have to stay outside." She placed him on a branch. "Just stay hidden 'til I come back okay?" She flashed him an apologetic smile and hurried inside.

            "…That girl is nice…but also a little loony," the dragon said to himself, relieved to finally be able to talk, if only to himself. "But she sure is drop dead gorgeous!!!" he exclaimed.

            "Mommy, mommy!! That tree just talked!!" A child, who was passing by the tree at the moment the dragon had made that exclamation, pointed to the tree he was hiding in.

The mother laughed. "Now, now!" she smiled. "Trees don't talk! It must have been your imagination."

            "…Oh…okay…" The girl glanced at the tree then slowly walked away.

            The dragon sighed once they were gone, slumping down against the tree. "Whew…better keep my voice down…" He glanced around making sure no one was watching. "Time for some spy action…" Taking one more glance, he glided down to the windowsill, sneaking a peek inside. "Wonder what she's doing…"

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