Chapter 2: Fate?

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         "Father Regis! I'm so sorry I'm late!!" Arianna cried as she burst into his office, only to find it empty. She blinked. "Eh? Where is he…?"

         The office was as cluttered as always, scrolls and parchments scattered all over the place. The girl sighed and shook her head. How many times had she told the priest that in order to keep up with his duties he had to first keep up with his work? With a sigh, she started to replace the scattered papers back to their original places, as she did not know what else to do at the moment. When she reached the desk, a smile formed on her lips as she picked up a knocked over picture.

         She traced her finger over the figures. The picture was of her and Travis when they were little children, a young Father Regis holding them up on his shoulders. Travis was brandishing a wooden sword, Arianna having a look of pure joy on her face, while in the back, her Uncle Drake and parents were watching, their faces beaming with joy. Father Regis had just passed the exam to become a priest.

         We were all so happy for him…and he still has the young face, she thought with a slight giggle as she replaced the picture. She was straightening papers when something else caught her eye. It was a small piece of paper, hurried writing scribbled on there, on top of a rather large and dusty book. She blinked and first picked up the note.


I have stepped out for the moment. I'll be back in an hour or so, so just wait inside the church. DON'T LEAVE! I have something very important to tell you which may concern your future…oh and I found the book your dad wanted. It should be under this note if the wind hasn't blown this note off it, hehe. Peace out. ^_~\\//

                                             Father Regis

         Arianna blinked at the last sentence then shook her head. He was always a weird priest…She turned back down and picked up the book, blowing the dust off it. " 'The Legends of Lamorydia'…" she read softly. "I wonder what father wants with this…"

She went back outside. There were a few people scattered about, kneeling in the many rows of pews. There was a hushed silence in the church that sent a little tingle up Arianna's spine.  She shook her head and sat down in a pew. She slowly opened it, as if in fear of the book falling apart. Her eyes widened at the aged old book's contents. It was filled with the legendary myths and legends told throughout Lamorydia. Ancient civilizations, epic heroes and heroines, elves, dwarves, goblins, dragons…and of creation itself. Her eyes traveled over the ancient words in great interest.

         On the outside of the church, a curious little dragon was trying to figure out what was going on. Dooooh!! What is she looking at?! The little dragon pressed his face against the window. He glared up at it in annoyance. Stupid stained glass…huh…? He saw to his amazement that the stained glass formed a picture of humans with dragon wings surrounding a goddess, who was holding what he assumed to be the world.

The woman seemed to shine with radiance, glory, and beauty. A golden dragon sat next to her side, what seemed to be like a jeweled tiara resting upon its forehead.  There were two humanized dragons above her, one symbolizing the night and the other symbolizing day, holding each other's hand. There were four more humanized dragons, each with their dragon counterpart. One was red, with flames flickering around her. Next was a blue one, water swirling around the two bodies. Black was the next dragon, earth and rock surrounding both counterparts. The next one sent the little dragon's mind reeling. The dragon was white, wind blowing mightily around…but when he saw the human form…

Dark eyes suddenly filled the dragon's vision, but he quickly shook it off. He sat  there on the window sill, panting. What…what was that just now? His mind cleared and he glanced back up at the dragons. Maybe…maybe I'm related…? Could be possible… There was another thing that was making his brain gears turn. All the dragons had one horn in the center, like him. He stared at it for a moment longer before something caught his attention from inside the building.

"Oh, the priest dude is here!" he exclaimed excitedly as he once again pressed his face against the glass, all previous thoughts banished from his mind.

         "Arianna! Here you are!" Father Regis exclaimed regally as he walked up to the girl, causing her to look up. He was dressed in the traditional priestly robes, a staff in his right hand, and he didn't look a day over twenty-five. He had short blonde hair and a charming smile. One wouldn't think he was a priest if he was dressed in common clothes.

         Arianna stood up smiling, the book still in her hands. "Hello Father! Did you enjoy your outing?"

         "Yes, I did in fact," he said smiling. "Anyway, enough about me. I have something very important to tell you." He looked at her with a such a serious expression on his face that Arianna blinked.

         "Yes, you stated that in your note…what is it?" she asked, slightly hesitant.

         "It is…" he looked around then leaned down and said in a hushed voice, "from the High Priest of Valor, the High Priest Matthias."

         Arianna gasped. "High Priest Matthias??!?! The one who lives within the kingdom of the High King Rhydon?? The one who advises and helps all who ask and respected throughout all of Lamorydia??!?! THAT HIGH PRIEST?!??!!!" The poor girl felt as if she was going to faint.

         Father Regis grimaced. "Please, please Arianna! Calm down!" he pleaded as he steadied her.

         "What the heck…" The dragon stared wide-eyed. Is that priest…MAKING A MOVE!? OH MY GOD!! He looked around frantically. Need a better place…I have to investigate… He looked up and saw an opening by the roof. He carefully unfolded his wings and gingerly tested his wings. Damn…stupid punks…they're still a little sore…He cringed, gathered his strength, and flew up into the hall. He landed and sat on the rafters. "Aahh…much better…no one will be able to see me from here."

The dragon tilted his head a little and saw a dragon gargoyle next to him. He jumped, almost losing his balance. After a few minutes of frantic flapping and clawing, the dragon had regained himself. Whoa…that freaked me out for a sec there…hehe just a statue…though…looks familiar… He tuned back to the conversation going on below him.

         "Anyway, Arianna…" Father Regis was saying, "the High Priest wishes to see you as soon as possible to discuss something of dire importance."

         Arianna blinked and looked at him slightly confused. "But…why me?"

         "Hm…" The priest looked at her thoughtfully then stuck his index finger in the air. "Maybe the king would like to have one of his sons ask your hand in marriage!" he said grinning.

         "NO," she said with so much force it surprised her. But it didn't stop her from blushing and she quickly stared at the book her hands.

         "But you are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot!" the priest persisted then sighed. "But Arianna," he said seriously, making Arianna look back up at him, "though he does not tell me what exactly he wants, it seems to me it is of something that could affect your future…"

         She blinked then fidgeted slightly. "Um…well I guess that answers it…I guess I'll have to go to Valor…" She paused. "But it'll be a long journey…"

         "Ah, why don't you take Travis?" Father Regis suggested. "His swordsmanship should be more than enough to protect the both of you. And you are skilled in archery. It shouldn't be too difficult."

         "You really think so…?" She sighed then smiled. "I guess I'll just miss this place…" She looked around. "And I am a bit nervous…"

         Father Regis ruffled her hair. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. With Travis along you won't be lonely." He gave her a reassuring smile.

         Arianna smiled back. "Arigatou." She suddenly turned when the town clock started to chime six. "Oh no, Mom will be worried! AH! And I was supposed to help with dinner!" she wailed frantically.

         A small sweat bead appeared on the priest's head and he smiled. "Well then you better get going, eh? Tell her my apologies."

         Arianna bowed and then quickly hurried down the aisle and out the door, skidding quickly to catch the door before it slammed shut. And then she was gone.

         Father Regis gave a low chuckle as he turned to the large stained glass window that the little dragon had been staring at. "She has so much to learn…" He glanced at the still watching dragon's location. "Seems that fate has already begun to turn its wheels…"

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