Love Your Children

You hurt your little children for their own protection,
So many lives lost mean nothing to you,
It will never be as important as the "fight for peace"
Which is as contradictory as fucking for chastity.

When you see their tear-streaked little faces,
How can you say that you're doing it for them?
How do you sleep with the knowledge you've ruined lives?
No futures for those innocents who didn't deserve all this.

Whatever happened to 'love thy neighbour?'
And why don't you walk away, instead of retaliating?
That's what you teach us, so why do you do the opposite?

What kind of warped morals do you have,
Which enable you to consciously murder, although you don't call it that,
To you it's a job, a way of life, and you're doing a good thing,
But I still can't find a way to justify it, even in my mind.
And I haven't done anything wrong.

Why, then, do I feel guilty?
Guilty because there's nothing I can do to make it better.

Peace can never be achieved through fighting,
Especially not when the lives of your children don't mean anything to you.