In Me

I used to be a little girl,
With many carefree ways,
I used to laugh and smile and sing,
I used to dance and play.

But summer turned to winter,
The sky is dull and grey,
And as I grew much wiser,
I have packed the child away.

The world is hollow, empty,
Full of bitterness and lies,
The child deep inside me,
Curls up each day and cries.

Once I thought the world was good,
A happy place of song,
And then I learned the hard way,
That the trials are always long.

There are never any breaks,
No easy way around,
Effigies of the younger me,
Shatter on the ground.

The little girl is lonely,
Scared and tired, alone,
One day I will let her out,
One day she'll be home.