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The Soul Keeper

Chapter 1

The alarm clock rang loudly, and Rei Tanto's eyes slowly fluttered open. She turned over and let the beeping continue until it drove her insane. She unexpectedly flipped the sheets and blankets from her and she groggily sat up. Rei swung her long legs over the side of her mattress and she stood up. Slowly Rei made her way over to her alarm clock and switched it off.

Rei moaned because it was the last day of summer, and it was the day to register for school. She then approached her counter and grabbed her blue hair brush. She placed the bristles in her hair and she drug them all the way down her long, black hair. Once she had brushed every last strand of hair, she went to her closet.

Rei swung the heavy, wooden door open, and it creaked as she did so. Rei rummaged through her clothes and settled on a black mini skirt and a blue shirt. She then stripped herself of her sleeping attire, which consisted of purple cotton boxer shorts and a black silk top. She now stood only in her panties, which she covered with the mini skirt. Rei grabbed a bra from her drawer in her amour, and draped it around her stomach. She fastened the back clasps and she slid the bra up her abdomen and covered her breasts. She pulled the blue top over her head and over her shoulders; she adjusted it so it fit perfectly over her upper body.

Rei brushed her hair once again until it was just right. She sighed and walked to the door of her room. She turned the brass handle and the door swung open. She walked through the doorway and she was left in the long, narrow hallway of their enormous house. She slowly followed the hallway until it ended at the spiral staircase. She strode down each step carefully until she reached the bottom, where she then turned to her left and entered the common room. She was appalled to find her mother sitting on the sofa watching the news.

"Mother, what are you doing home? Shouldn't you be at work?" I asked confused.

Mrs. Tanto looked up at the sound of her daughter's voice. "Well, no it's registration day, did you forget?" Her face had distress on it.

"No, mother I didn't forget, I was just amazed to see you in the morning," Rei explained bashfully. She looked down to the black carpet that covered the floor of the house.

"Okay, well you'd better go grab something to eat. We need to sign you sign you up for school in an hour. Then we need to enroll Shi, Chi and Yoake," Mrs. Tanto replied with a sigh. She picked up a green mug from the wooden coffee table that was sitting in front of the couch. She took a sip from it and pulled it away from her mouth, by this time her attention to Rei had faded and she was back to watching the television.

Rei turned around and walked through the open doorway to the kitchen where she strolled to the refrigerator. She released the door from the close position and grabbed a yogurt. She didn't feel very hungry, she was too depressed about having to go back to school, and with entirely different people.

Rei was to attend a private academy for a select few. Only the smarter citizens of Tokyo went there. Rei grabbed a spoon from the utensil drawer and sat down at the table in the dinning room. She opened the lid to the cup of yogurt halfway and dug her spoon inside the crevasse. She slowly removed the silver spoon, and it had creamy, pink, strawberry flavored paste on it. She placed the spoon into her open mouth, shut her mouth and pulled the spoon out, it returned completely clean of yogurt.


Rei, her mother, and her younger siblings stood in a line in the library of Yohe Academy. The library was huge and it contained any book you could consider wanting to read.

While Mrs. Tanto was filling out the forms about Rei, Rei went to a bookshelf entitled 'Myths, Legends, and Superstitions'. One book in particular tickled her fancy. She pulled the book from its place and opened the cover. The inside page read:

Ghost: Make believe or truth?

By: Yoh Anta - 1882

This book was written ages ago, and it was in fine condition. Rei turned to the next page which had a drawing of a huge ghost. It was the ghost of Sheseigei the legendary swordsman and samurai, he was a local legend and he puzzled most people. His hair was wild and he wore the traditional uniform of a samurai.

Rei read the page next to the picture, it explained about Sheseigei. It stated that he was a terrific swordsman and he was unbeatable. It said that the emperor hired him to be his official protector. One night Sheseigei had stepped outside of the temple to take a walk and was taken captive by a Chinese man and his followers. He was never seen again, but there were stab wounds and burns on his body. No knife known to man could have made those marks, some say that his spirit was tortured until it had to escape and it pierced him to leave his body. Others say that he had a spell cast upon him, yet some say that he was stabbed with some other sort of weapon. As for the burn marks, they have not proved it, but it is said to have been the suffering before the killing of Sheseigei.

"That's a load of shit, that is," said a voice from behind where Rei stood.

Rei quickly shut the book and spun around to stare into the eyes of a handsome man. He looked about the age of Rei and he was about six feet tall in estimation. He had black hair that was shoulder length, and it was untidy and spiky. His eyes were honey brown and one could drown in them. "I was just curious, the title intrigued me," Rei stammered.

"That's ok, what I meant was I looked into it, they can't prove a single thing, therefore, its shit. Hi, I'm Akkianu," the boy introduced himself in a cheery tone.

"Nice to meet you Akkianu, I'm Rei," Rei replied with a smile.

"So, you interested in ghosts or something?"

"Yes, they interest me in the slightest. I don't make too much of them, except that they don't exist, and it's all a sham, ghosts are," Rei replied firmly.

"Hey sweetie, don't be saying things you don't have confirmation on. Nobody can say that ghosts do or don't exist. They are a hobby of mine; I've studied about them for years. Sometime I'll show you all my work" Akkianu said with a laugh.

"Great, that'd be great. So, what else are you interested in?"

"Well, anything that people say to be a myth or legend, basically anything that people can't prove. Hmm, I also fancy girls, and nature," Akkianu answered with a bouncy voice. He smiled at the look of shock that Rei gave him. "What about you?"

"Hmm, I too like faerie tales, and I like boys, and I love computers, mainly the internet," Rei replied with a laugh. She had only added the 'I like boys' comment because of Akkianu's previous remark.

"Cool, you wanna come over to my house tomorrow after school? I'll show you my collection of ghostly spirits and all that jazz," Akkianu asked polity.

"Sure, I'd love to. Are we going to walk to your house from here?" Rei asked.

"Yeah, my house is close to here. Uhh, is yours, because I don't know how you'll get home, sorry," Akkianu answered.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is."

"Great, so what classes are you taking?"

"Umm, I'm not sure, my mother has my schedule. Hold on," Rei replied right before she ran to her mom and took the schedule from the pile of papers. Then she walked back over to the bookcase where Akkianu stood.

She handed the paper to Akkianu and he looked over it. "Hmm," he said as he read it. "Good classes, they're all with me!"

Rei laughed at the sound of his voice it was sarcastic, yet happy at the same time. She smiled and received the paper from his hands. When she took it Akkianu's hand fell upon hers and then it was removed quickly.

"I've got to go. See you tomorrow!" Akkianu said. He smiled before turning to leave. She watched him walk away to his parents and what she thought was his younger sibling.

Rei put the book back it's shelf and she remembered the title, once she got her library card she would check it out and read it all through.


After school the next day Akkianu caught up with Rei at her locker. "Hey," Rei said when she saw him. She shut her locker and it revealed a shorter girl, she was shorter than Rei. The girl stood by Akkianu and she clung to his arm.

"Hey Rei, this is my girlfriend Sato, she's coming with us too. She doesn't like ghosts or anything, but she still comes, probably cause I'm there," Akkianu laughed.

"Hi, I'm Rei, nice to meet you," Rei greeted.

"Hi, I'm Sato," Sato replied with a grin.


Akkianu was right; his house was close to the school.

Once they got to his house the headed for his room. He opened the door to his closet and it was huge. There were framed articles on the walls and there were tons of bookshelves lined with books.

Akkianu went to his desk and grabbed something. He came back over to me and held up a book called 'The Soul Keeper'.

"It's what some people call nonsense. It's about a girl who is chosen at birth to be the keeper of souls. She can look into people's eyes and see into their soul, she can also look at ghost's and spirit's souls. If she sees something bad she can punish them or fix it. Its quite fascinating actually, you can borrow that book if you want," Akkianu said, he handed the book to Rei and she graciously took it from him.

"Thanks, I'll read it tonight and return it tomorrow," Rei replied with a grin.

Rei walked home and she held the book in her hands the whole way there.


As Rei was reading the book about the Soul Keeper, her bedroom door was opened. There stood her mother, she read the title of the book and smiled at her. Mrs. Tanto approached Rei's bed where Rei sat.

"What would you say if I told you that the Keeper of Souls isn't a myth, that it's true?" Mrs. Tanto asked.

"I'd say, what proof do you have?" Rei answered flatly.

"And I'd reply, this is my proof, you are the Keeper of Souls Rei," Mrs. Tanto said.

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