Finally Free

Dedicated to the one Christ led me to, and to the brother who led me back to Christ.

I was walking,
Through this life alone.
I was seeking,
A life to call my own.
When the brother,
Who left me here at home,
Gave another,
Chance to reach God's throne.

I've been living,
A life of constant sin.
I've been seeking,
Some way to fin'lly win.
When the God who,
Owns the universe,
Kindly laid one,
At my feet.

It's been hard,
A constant struggle.
'Cause my heart,
Had grown so cold.
All my days,
One repetition.
Not a whisper
Of the truth I had to hear.

All my life I've,
Done things my way.
Only gave God,
What e'er was left.
But now I see how,
He's just been waiting,
For me to give all,
My life to Him!

All my life has
Been a dream,
I've been acting
On a stage.
Always hiding,
Who I truly am;
But now I'm free,
And saved within!

God's been speaking,
On His plans for me.
And now I listen,
With a heart set free.
'Cause the path that,
He's led me onto.
Keeps on teaching,
My soul to wait.

It's not easy,
This narrow path;
The fight to keep,
Thoughts pure and just.
There's always battle,
'Gainst the beast within.
Only my Christ,
Gives the strength to win.

I come praying,
For a love that's pure,
While God is showing,
Me an open door.
I thought I'd shut it,
But praise God I'was wrong!
'Cause on the inside,
You were standing there.

My test of passion,
Pur'ty, love, and truth.
A daily struggle,
To understand,
Just where we're going,
And how to stand.
My one desire,
The union of our souls.

I'm never sure
Just where He'll lead us,
Or what new test
He'll try us with.
But I have full
Sure confidence,
That His will
Is for the best.

He has led us
Back together,
And filled my life
With a new hope.
Transformed my heart
So full of sin!
Into a cup that
Is clean within.

The narrow path
Still stretches long.
But ev'ry step brings
New hope and joy;
And leaves a wake
Of love and peace.
Because I'm fin'lly
Back with the Lord.

The one thing left
Yet unexpressed,
But most important
And paramount,
Is that you'd walk
Still at my side,
Us together,
With Christ the Lord!