Vampire Lover

Chapter 1: Beginings

He hissed violently in pain. Grabbing my hands at the wrist, he brought me in front of

him. I was scared, my knees buckled as I started to sink to the ground. His grip was crushing,

letting me know he was angry.

"What are you doing?!" He roared, eyes dark and threatening.

"C-cleaning it!" I said between choked sobs.

He eased his grip, seeing that I was in pain. Sobbing now, I stood up, and moved around

to the back of his chair, hoping I was out of his dark reach.

"Get back where you were before!" Turning, his large hand went around my waist, guiding

me back to my former place in front of him, leaning between his legs. I took a minute to regain

my composure. Hearing a great sigh, he leaned forward, resting his head on my shoulder. I went

back to my work as told. My owner got hurt tonight, though I didn't dare push him on why. A

gastly wound broke across his left shoulder, oozing the very dark liquid he himself craved. I

pressed hard on the gash, willing it to stop bleeding. This isn't fair, my life isn't fair, I

shouldn't be here. I had goals, aspirations, a life.

After it clotted, I eased up. Sensing my release of pressure, he righteened himself.

If he was any other man, I would have been attracted to him. He was dark haired, almost

black it was so brown. His eyes were green, the color of a shamrock. A tinge of red prevailed

his cheeks, a sign of his fluster. As he breathed in ragged breaths, I watched his chest rise

and fall. He was shirtless now, so it was easier to see his wound. Muscles rippled throughout

his body, only an inkling of his strength.

"You need stitches." My voice was small, weary of making him angry with me.

"Do you think I can go into a hospital?! Damn it!" He threw the bottle of hydrogen

peroxide across the room, leaving it to smack the opposing wall. It burst under his fury,

wetting the cold white tile floor.

"You can sew it."


"You heard me." He left for a brief moment, but came back later with white thread and a

needle, thrusting it in my hands, he sat back down.

Silence prevailed the room. No way was I doing this!

"Sir, this won't work!"

"The hell it won't! How do you think they did it when I was alive?!"

With shaking hands, I threaded the needle under his piercing gaze. After a few attempts

I got it right. I looked at him first, and received a nod to let me know to go on.

The sharp metal pierced his flesh as I made the first loop. The sight made me naseous,

and I thought I was going to lose my dinner.

"Hurry up Bliss!"

I bit my bottom lip and continued my work, willing my dinner to stay where it was. I

finished quickly, placing some gauze and tape over the now sewn wound. Stepping back, I waited

for another word from him. When I saw he wasn't going to answer, I made my own move.

"Is that all, Master?"

His eyes studied me for a moment, but unfortunately, I couldn't tell what he was

thinking. I never could.

I cringed inwardly. This is it. He would tell me to go into his room, and a night of

what could only be described as 'ravishing' would prevail.

"Yes Bliss, that is all. Go to bed now." He turned picking up various medical supplies.

Blinking in surprise, I quickly scooted out of the room. I didn't want him to change his

mind, or forget what I was really here for. I dived into my bed, which quickly became my only

sanctuary over the past few months. I listened to him shuffle around for a few minutes. My

chest was tight with worry that he would change his mind, and come find me. Finally, I heard

him descend the stairs, a sign he was going to the basement, where there were no windows.

I let out the breath I was holding. The stress was getting to me. Every night it seemed

I was toyed with. I lived in a world of darkness, with a man who was confusing, sometimes

hurtful, sometimes nice, but always in control. But such was the life of a pet who belonged

to a vampire.

AN: Just playing with an idea i had. It's dark, and strays from my usual writing. Sex is

prevailent through out this story. it will be implied, but never in detail. just warning you

before the story starts. yes, it will get twisted, and make you cringe in some places, but

if you do, then that means i just did my job