Vampire Lover Authors Note

Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't an update, but merely an apology. I know I

haven't updated for an outragous amount of time, and I'm incredibly sorry for that. I know how

frustrating that could be, because I've also been on your end, reading a good story that just

stops. Some readers have asked for an explanation, and here is mine. I just started college

this year, and that is a huge life change in itself. I'm a graphic designer, which is a very

demanding and time consuming major here. Also, this semester, I've had alot of trouble. I had a

bad roommate who tried to accuse me of stuff I didn't do. I almost got fined alot of money, not

to mention almost losing my place here at school. There was no time to write when I was trying

to defend myself.

Also, I'm no longer in the same place I was when I started that story. When I was write

this story, I was in an abusive relationship, sad to say. So the whole emotional mindset of my

story, I took from my relationship. You know, like Dante being a total monster, changing the

one minute, and Bliss not really knowing if she loved him or not, or if things would change.

I'm more than happy to say that I broke up with him, and moved on to a more loving

relationship. This summer I have time to focus, in what I consider a big challenge for me as a

writer, and that's finishing a story that I feel I have no emotional ties to anymore. If anyone

has suggestions or wants to collaborate, please do. I don't want to just leave it without an

ending, and even more, I dont' want a crappy ending. And I'm also pleased to announce that I am

also going to start a new story. You'll see what it is, I should have a first chappie up soon.

Thank you for all those who have stuck by me. I have some really special fans that stick by me.

In a way, I feel like you guys are reading my life. If you study my storys, you'll see where I

have been, and how I have grown. I couldn't have done that without you guys. Writing about my

relationship in Vampire Lover has shown me how truly horrible it was, and that I had to leave

this guy. I love all of you reviewers, and I plan on writing just for you. :)


Miss Samantha Tantum Blade

PS: My new AOL sn is brneydgrl185