The Lady of the Heavens
It is said that once there was a young maiden fair and wise,
And that the heavens were reflected in her eyes.
The birds came from far around to hear her voice.
It was a beautiful sound.
But alas peace was not to be her lore,
For to her city came a great war.
Her lands king did fall,
As the enemy destroyed the wall.
Now this maiden of great renown rode forth
From her destroyed town.
She brandished the sword she had long hidden.
For now to war she had ridden.
Her beauty was terrible to behold,
And beneath her great wrath the enemy began to fold.
Once her enemies all were dead,
For her city, tears she shed.
A young maiden she was no more,
For a great pain she now bore.
Death her eyes had beheld,
And men her sword had felled.
A lady she was now,
And sorrow mantled her brow.
Yet even now the heavens were reflected in her eyes.
So, she traveled far and wide making fools wise.
Amongst the many races of men,
Her bitter sweet wisdom she did send.
And those who would dare look in her eyes,
Saw that still the heaven's there in lies.