Sepia Colored Days By Crystallic Star

A:N This takes place in the year 2120 NA. NA stands for New Age.

Chapter 1: Baby on Doorstep, Akio's Descision

It was the typical storm of the winter at Neo-England. Strong winds, pouring rain and the usual thunder and lightening. In the city of Old London, on a fancy street, the light in a particular window of a mansion still flickered. And at that mansion, a cloaked figure ran down the walkway and away from the mansion, leaving a bundle on the doorstep.

This mansion was like the others, old looking and creepy, with the wines crawling up the walls and everything. But it was in good shape, gardens were well tended and it looked neat and clean as well. The owner of the house must have been proud to own such a magnificent mansion, but looked...what was that word? It looked forbidden. As if the person in the house would be a witch, or a vampire...or something along those lines...Like an evil sorcerer or know? The ones you see on TV that are always plotting to take over the country, world or universe.

But the owner of the huge mansion wasn't an evil sorcer...but was actually a sage. But not any sage, she was Akio, the Great Third Sage of England. She had violet eyes, a pale complexion and short yellow hair that went somewhat past her should, but was pulled back to the sides of her head with ribbons. She was about 4 foot 4 inches and looked to be around 16 years of age. But don't let her appearance fool you, she was 1/4 mage, making her growth slower. She was actually 26 years old.



Akio almost fell over in her chair. What was that?! Quickly, running towards the double doors of the vast library, Akio snagged her cloak and pushed them open. Whatever was at her door, it was crying.

"Coming!" She called to the person as the door before flinging the double doors of the mansion open," Huh?"

Nobody was there...but there was a baby on her doorstep, crying loudly. It was probably crying because of the sound of the storm, the lightening, thunder, rain and hail were all pretty loud.


Akio calmly knelt down to pick up the bundle. The baby was cold, scared and bit drenched.

"Poor thing."Akio said without that much emotion. I mean, she wasn't really described as a "caring" person. She looked around see if the caretaker or owner of the baby was still around, but she found the streets empty.

"I guess I should take this...'thing' inside..." Akio told herself as she turned back into the house. She made one last glance towards the streets before entering.


The halls were dark, velvet/red colored walls of wood. Only a single light lit the path down the long halls, gloomy pictures of people, with dignity and pride written over their faces. Akio stood on her toes to light the candles that hung on the gloomy walls.

She still held the baby, only with one arm. Now it stared curiously at her, his dark blue eyes questioning her. As if trying to make sure she even existed, as if she was only too mysterious in her looks to be real.

Akio tried to avoid his eyes, sure her was only about 4 months old, but she could tell there was more to this baby then his bottomless eyes. He also had black hair that had a blueish hue to them.

'What to do?' Akio asked herself, entering her living room. The walls were a dull shade of yellow in this room, a fireplace was on the other side. An old armchair of the color of a dark night sky was set before it. Other then that, and the portraits of two man that hung over the fireplace, it was completely bare.

She sat the baby on the armchair, before lighting the fireplace.

Dusting her hands, she picked up the baby and sat in her lap as she sat down.

"Now...I've gotta find out something about you..." Akio whispered as she searched the blanket for clues, baby still staring cluelessly at her, now glaring somehwhat at her," There has to be a note or something explaining the reason you were left on my doorstep..."

"Ah-ha." Akio said, finding a note in the folds of the blanket. Tucking the blanket securely around the baby, she unfolded the note.

It read:

Dear Great Third Sage,

I know this goes against council rules for you to even think of helping us, but you must. You are our last hope, the only one in this whole area outside of the mage council's boundaries. I beg for your help! I will come tommorrow at morning to hear your descision and explain everything. But in the meantime, keep care of my little boy here. I will tell you your job tommorrow.

Sincerely, Sandria

"Sandria?" Akio questioned herself," Do I...know this person? I guess not..."

Akio sighed deeply, closing her eyes and rubbing her temples. The baby yawned and Akio cracked an eye open to stare at it, the fire making shapes appear in her violet eyes. Blues eyes stared into violet eyes for sometime, one questioning the other.

"This WILL go against all council's rules...Meaning that their protection over me would drop..." Akio pondered this," Maybe I should just get rid of this 'thing.'"

She leaned into the armchair, closing her eyes and clasping her arms on her lap. If she lost protection from the council, just to help some lady and her baby, she could get hurt and even worse, it was possible for her to get killed. But she didn't know what the job this 'Sandria' lady wanted her to she shouldn't jump to that conclusion. Loosing the council's protection didn't much mattered to her...they HAD been using her all these years.

"Gaa gaa." Came from the baby.

Akio opened her eyes to stare at it, it was a rather cute child. But it would take more than cuteness for Akio to feel for the baby. It wasn't hers anyway.

THIS wasn't a problem. For Akio, it was merely a little fork in the road with two ways. Either take the job, or not take the job. Not a big descision, for Akio, she was going to take the job. More reasons there were for taking the job, but there was only reason for not taking the job. And that was the protection.

"Ooh. Gaa Boo." The baby spoke again. Akio just ignored it, she didn't understand it anyway.

Finally, Akio just gave into staring at the fire, her descision was made. It was easy as that.

After some time, baby and sage fell asleep, totally oblivious to the storm outside.


Akio awoke with a start by a knocking at her door and the baby's wailing.

Akio yawned and stretched, before standing up, carrying the baby along.

'Must be Sandria...' Akio thought, trying to shush the crying youth.

"Hello?" Akio asked as she opened the door.

"Hallo. Can I come in?" The lady asked. She had long black hair that was tied by a blue ribbon, and hazel eyes. Her skin was pale, much paler then Akio's.

"Sure. Come on in. Do you want to have some tea?" Akio asked, being as polite as possible.

"That would be wonderful. "


"You must forgive me for dropping him off her unexpectantly...but it was neccasary." Sandria explained," I was running from the Hunters-"

"Hunters? You mean those mage hunters. What was their name again?" Akio asked.

"Zenshin's Hunters." Sandria told her," That mage group who's behind the whole mage council."

"Oh. But why would the Zenshin's Hunters want something to do with you? You don't look like a trouble making mage...come to think of're not a sage either, are you?" Akio asked.

"What's the difference? And no, I'm not either of those." Sandria said.

"Well...mages have a certain magical aura around them and also they have peice of jewelry symoblizing their ranks. But sages have metallic hair. Like mine, although I'm also 1/4 mage..." Akio explained.

"Let's get back to the original subject. I'm a Shadow. My son here is a Shadow Youth." Sandria explained," The mages' council is starting to fear our power, so they sent these Hunters to track us down. Yesterday, they almost caught me. I couldn't risk putting Z-chan into any danger, so I put him in your care. And I thought-"

"To keep your little 'Z-chan' safe, you could put him under my care. Nobody would suspect a sage outside the boundaries of the councilto be involved. A perfect plan." Akio finished, nodding in understandment.

"That's right. You could understand how hard it is for my and my child. I worry that they might catch my child on day and-"Sandria was interuppted by Akio.

"Actually, I can't understand it as well as other people. I've been studying, writing and making formulas for new spells for so long, 16 years to be precise, that I forgot about most feelings. But I can imagine it." Akio explained.

"Are you saying that you don't know how to take care of children?" Sandria asked, with a hint of despair in her voice.


Sandria looked down at her hands, and Akio almost felt pity for the poor Shadow mom. ALMOST felt pity.

"But I have an idea!" Sandria suddenly cried out.

"What is it?" Akio asked, an eyebrow raised at Sandria's sudden cheerful outburst.

"You could hire a nanny!" Sandria cried.

"A n-nanny? But! Include mortals in this?" Akio asked, knowing the consequences would be serious.

"Yes! A mortal that could believe all this and not run away scared! There are only few out there now, since this is the age of ultimate war between technology and magic. Technology is winning, because it is more believable...But if you can get a nanny that could believe all this, then you'll get a nanny!" Sandria exclaimed.

"Not a bad idea..." Akio wondered.

"Well...It was nice getting to know you a bit better, but I got to get going. Just keep good care of Z-chan and good luck with finding a nanny!" With that, Sandria ran out.

"I's just Z-chan and me now..." Akio muttered, glancing at the now-sleeping baby.

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