Lost forever in your deep blue eyes
Aquatic gems of murky, frozen glass
So alive
Such bright, indigo panes
Gleams of golden glitter
Darting through the twilight
Twinkling with angelic, seaside starlight
Alas, it's not for me...
I am dead
So are you
In your tainted, salty way.

A drifting pool of lifeless waves
A still and silent mist
Lingers above your effervescent soul
Eats away your core
'Til you're nothing
Nothing in my mind
But an eternal, cerulean grave
A tomb for your bitter affection
I'm drowning in your current.

A helpless soul
From the dark fantasy ship
Where once I was the cherished passenger
Now the shunned and hated recluse
Cast overboard
By shadow hands
Of obliviousness
I float through the raging torrent
And you'll never notice me.

All I am
Is another life
Swept into your foamy skirts
And dashed upon the ebony hem
That coarse and undead shore
A bloody, maimed, and shattered corpse
A claret mess
He'll clean it up
Don't worry.
Your majestic coast won't suffer
Or bear my mortal pain.
He would never let it
Endure such wounded disfigurement.

I'm choking
I'm hacking
Gasps of crimson remorse
Bubbling from my sinking throat
Plummeting into your depths
I'm snatched up by your hands
The gracious fingers of surf
Who once stroked my cheeks
In softly flowing cobalt tides
Now cruel and wrenching claws

I'm going under
Losing breath
My sight no more
My screams-
They cease
And peace-
It reigns again
On your sparked surface
That crystal window of water
A somber sky reflects in you
A gentle flock of pallid birds
Glide on wisps of comforted wind
A tranquil, turquoise serenity
Once was
And now is

I've drowned
And you can't save me
For you-
You pulled me under.