Restaurant Romance - Act Two - Unedited ~

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The door's chime and light chatter brought

me back to life, breaking my reverie with

an audible pop. Pushing the gum to the c

orner of my mouth, I greeted the new comers

with a dashing smile and asked their name

etc.etc. Heading to the non-smoking area,

I scanned for the perfect table for four.

Hmm.the corner booth sounds good. Standing

next to the table, I smile and ask if they

wouldn't mind sitting in a booth. They

murmured among themselves and the father

of the group shook his head 'no', requesting

a table. Smile slipping, I head off in a different

direction toward a table with four available

chairs. The only table empty was in the back,

away from the windows. If they had turned

down a booth in the corner with windows, they

were sure to turn down the table in the back

without windows. Smiling nervously, I start to

set down the menus. No one disagreed, so I shook

my head and told them their waiter would be

with them shortly. A young man, probably two

years my senior, touched my arm lightly.

"Why don't you be our waitress?" he asked, flashing

me a smile he probably thought to be charming and

sexy. Riiiight.

"I'm not assigned to your table, sir. But don't

worry, I'm sure your waiter will be a great server."

And I scurried off back to the front. one

in their right minds would turn down a booth. I sigh

and began chewing on my gum again. What was with

that kid anyway? Probably found out that he's cuter

than most and now he's using it to get what he *thinks*

he wants - girls. He'll probably end up gay.

My ranting about the 'pretty boy', with a few added

curses that even a sailor's mother would be proud

(abashed?), was cut short as dialogue flew through

my one ear and out the other. I looked up and snapped

to alert as Mr. Kendell was suddenly there, standing

in front of me, staring. Oh, shit. He probably wanted a

response to what he said. Fuck! Think.oh, come on brain

of mine! THINK!!

"Uh.yes sir.?" Oh, reeeeaaal confidence there, Eve.

Get fired on your first week. Oh CRAP! He's talking AGAIN!

"- not good. I want to see you in my office. Now, Ms. Kates."

My eyes widened in shock. What the hell just happened here?

He turned on his heel and started the semi-long journey to the

back of the restaurant. Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! What did

he ask me in the first place?? Shifting my eyes from the floor to

the great ass on my boss, I flipped through the little mental

images in my head that had gathered there as the my night

shift grew, trying to find something I had done that was

inappropriate for my job. So far, nothing had been so out

of whack, that he would ask me to his office. Well, except

that one incident where I "accidentally" tripped the guy

walking passed me carrying two glasses of water. Hey!

It was the only way to get him to stop staring at me all

night. Heh heh, it was really refreshing to see his

face so full of shock and dripping wet. Well, crap, we're here.

I knew doom awaited me as soon as the thick wooden

door of his office closed with a sharp click, awkward

silence ensuing after immediately. I turned on my heel,

slowly as if to buy time to come up with an excuse

plausible enough for whatever it was that hadn't been

met with his approval - obviously. I swallowed a lump

in my throat and nervously raised my hooded emerald

green eyes and came eye to eye with Mr. Kendell's

smoldering gaze of blue fire.

Oh, crap.