Restaurant Romance – Act Nine – Unedited

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It was a beautiful morning when I awoke. The sunlight streamed in through the curtains and birds were chirping. The mattress was soft beneath me and the blanket warm over me. The pillow cradled my head in that oh-so-perfect way that becomes allusive when sleep is evasive. It wasn't until I felt the arm wrapped around my waist tighten that a thought occurred to me.

I had no idea where I was.

Panic bubbled viciously in my mind and whirled my thoughts into overtime. Holy crap – I'm sleeping with a stranger in their bed with their arm on top of me. Slowly, I turned my head and saw a bundle of black hair take over my field of vision. Confused, I tramped down on the building panic and let my thoughts settle.

Last night . . . Memories gradually filtered back into my brain and enlightened me. So, he brought me to his place and made me sleep with him! That pervert! Quickly, I glance down beneath the covers and see that I'm actually wearing clothing. Hmmm . . .

I wonder how long he'll take to wake up. In fact, I wonder what time it is. There's nothing in front of me except a wall – it doesn't even have a poster on it. Indecisive, I move my hand towards his. I wanted his arm off me, but then again, I didn't. Oh, sure. You just want to prolong the feel of being in his embrace.

Treacherous thoughts! I squished my eyes closed and spitefully pushed his arm away. The vacant spot immediately began to grow cold. However, that went unnoticed as the sudden movement to his appendage woke him. Crap, this is not what I wanted to happen!

He moaned and rolled away from me, taking half the blankets with him. Acting on instinct, I grab my side and pulled cruelly.

"Hey! You're taking all the covers!" His head popped off the pillow and a sleepy blue eye peered out at me. Ignoring me, he continued to wrap himself up in his personal cocoon and left me to freeze. "Hey!" I sat up and grabbed as much of the blankets as I could and yanked as hard as possible. Bad idea.

Laughing, I watched as he was unrolled and the sheets relaxed from the tension of the pull. But the force of my pull and the proximity of the edge of the bed to my person held a domino effect. I leaned back too far from the pull and began to fall. Yelping, I grasped onto the sheets.

I thudded to the floor and was grateful that the sheets piled on top of my exposed legs. Only, soon after, I heard a yelp like mine and a heavy body crushed me. I gasped in pain and couldn't help but start laughing. He pulled away to lean on his forearms and watched me laugh – the corner of his eyes crinkling in amusement.

A pillow slipped off the side of the bed and landed on the back of his head. Crying, I burst into hysterical laughter. He grabbed the pillow and threw it at the wall, leaving his hair standing up at all sides. Smiling, he stood up and the blankets fell away from him.

I stopped laughing. He was gorgeous! Underneath all those clothes, his body was sculpted like a friggin' Greek statue. Long, lean legs, balancing on two long, skinny feet, connected underneath black boxer shorts to sexy, narrow hips. These led to a tiny waist that grew to broad shoulders and a pretty neck. His arms were sinewy with tight muscles and his hands were perfect. My eyes stayed trained at his chest until he cleared his throat. I gulped and buried myself under the sheets feeling my face burning with embarrassment. How is this possible?

Through the sheets, I hear his muffled chuckle and his footsteps walking away. A door slams and minutes later, a shower is started. Carefully, I peek out from under the sheet. At least now I can relax a little and get dressed.

I stand up and walk to the mirror over his desk. I nearly gagged at the unsightly mess my hair was in. Egads, what was I thinking? To have let my hair down and allowed the wind have its way with my long strands was probably the most insane thing I could have ever done. Plus the tossing and turning of last night, I was surprised it wasn't just one big ball of hair. Sighing, I reach up and gingerly begin to brush the tips apart from eachother. This sucks, I thought. Soon my arms were tired and I let my shoulders slump. But I have bigger things to worry about right now, I glanced to the open bathroom door. I felt my face fall into a look of exasperation. Honestly! Who showers with their door open?

Soon my eyes went from half-lidded in disbelief to huge and wide-opened when a naked Brent appeared in the doorway. My face didn't just flush – it flooded with blood. The reaction was so immense all I could hear was my heart pumping blood in my ears and feel the power of each thump rattle my ribs. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod- OH MY GOD! My arms instinctively wrapped close to my body as the god walked towards me. I'm sure he was saying something, because those perfect pink lips would have been a waste to just be sitting there on his beautiful face. I closed my eyes from the insanity of it all.

And felt arms wrap tight around me. I emitted a tiny 'eep' as I was lifted off the floor and slung over a strong shoulder. The pain in my stomach from the end of his elbow was buried deep, deep beneath the immense embarrassment and uncertainty that was wreaking havoc on my senses and nerves. I could feel my lungs wheezing with the effort of keeping the norm of breathing. Dimly, my ears picked up the noise of a door being closed.

My feet were set back on the floor, and immediately I began to swoon. His privates were pressing in close against my stomach. Oh, Lord, what have I done to deserve this? My mind was reeling and my body was trembling. I was so confused! It wasn't until I managed to drag my eyes up to his and saw him twitch his lips into another smirk that I realized.

I was in the lion's den, and boy was he hungry.