Crazy Eyes.

She wants to wear a veil for her driver's license photo.
She says it expresses her religious beliefs.
But, I ask, "How dumb can we really be?"
We'd have to be idiots to actually agree.

Isn't part of the point of identification,
To uphold the safety of the nation?
Or is it more important to appease a minority,
Than to respect the law's authority?

And the politically correct will say:
Let's just give her whatever she wants.
It doesn't matter what's hiding behind her guise,
Let's screw the majority 'cause she's got friendly eyes.

But if we somehow have the courage to refuse,
And stand tall by the laws that we use,
Those fellows from C.A.I.R. will be at our door,
Accusing us of some kind of holy war.

They'll say that our choice is based on hate,
That Muslims are the only people we discriminate.
Then, if we've got the balls, we'll look'em straight in the eyes and, with a smile, say,
"She can wear her veil on the bus every day."