Your fourth floor apartment
Is a terrible place to be
In the sweat stained days of summer

Tonight we lay limply wishing for death
As the buzz of midnight mosquitoes
Drives us quietly insane

A desperate glance and we've decided
Peeling ourselves from the sheets
We make our stumble-shuffle escape

The world outside is stragely hostile
The wind is a strangers hot breath
And the storm-velvet sky rumbles malice

A lone drop Kamikaze's my shoulder
Breathless we run down the hill
But the rain is faster and bursts warmth

Defeated smiling faces to the sky
The rain kisses our cheeks and eyes
As we round the bend in the road

Rolling black and inviting
Our unspoken destination lies
And beckons...with a wave

We storm the beach like Normandy
But are met with no resistance
Just a salty warm embrace

I look up to see the silver flash
Stain the sky lurid nightmare purple
Thunder in the mountains and the sea

Salty tears streak salty cheeks
Though I'm laughing with delight
No night will ever be this perfect, nor

This Beautiful