Author's notes: This is my second original! Any way, so a few million times in here I WILL use some Japanese. Now, I was co-writing this with my friend but I just yelled at her about this being my idea and that she has terrible authorship! Which is true. now on with the story!

Baka-Idiot Hentai-Pervert

Chapter 1: Prologue



She heard the desperate scream of one of her dearest friends. She ran panting and sweating down the many halls of Gardana high school her friends running close behind. Her friend screamed again but this time was muffled, the scream was coming from-

~~End Dreming~~

Reggie woke up from her dream at the sound of the alarm clock. 'What a dream. Weird too.' She yawned. She glanced at the clock.

"Ahh! It's almost 8!" she screamed.

"Huh?" her older brother walked into the room.

"Michael it's 7:54!" Reggie screamed.

"Chill." Michael told her.

Reggie ran into the restroom and washed her face the quickest way possible, "Get out I need to change!" she pushed her brother out.

She quickly got into black pants and a blue tank top. She put her blue highlighted brown hair up in a messy bun and ran out the room. She ran down the stairs to find her friend Nicole outside.

"Nick! Hey aren't you gonna be late?" asked Reggie.

"Reg, it's 7:00." Nicole replied staring at her friend.

"Yeah Regina!" yelled Michael from inside.

"Shut up Michael!" Reggie yelled back.

"Any way, the reason I came here was to tell you that Courtney Frence is dead. She got murdered!" Nicole squealed in happiness.

Courtney Frence was the nastiest person alive and the whole school knew it. To hear that she died was music to Reggie's ears. "Yes! But that's still sad." She straightened up.

"Yeah, come on take me to school." Suggested Nicole.

"What happened to your car? Did you let Louis sit on it?" asked Reggie getting into her blue convertible followed by Nicole. (a/n: Louis is a very fat person.)

"Umm, heh, kinda busted it up while racing some stupid guy." Confessed Nicole.

"Baka." Muttered Reggie.

"Hey, he wanted my number!" objected Nicole.

"Yeah, riiight." Doubted Reggie.

"No really, you're being a baka your self! Baka!" yelled Nicole.

"Uh-huh." Agreed Michael jumping into the car, "Did you give him your number? Or worse?"

"HENTAI!" the two girls smacked him.

"Now, drive me to school." Ordered Michael.

"No. Drive your own car." Reggie pushed him out of the car.

"Meanie." He muttered.


"What happened?" a man asked firmly.

"They failed sir. They lost a life." Answered the other man.

"Refresh my memory, how old are they?" he asked.

"Around 40 sir." The man answered.

"Good it's time to get new ones. Or look for the real ones. They have to be around the age of sixteen. Go." The man ordered.

"Yes sir. I will not fail sir." The man obeyed.

~~**~~a few days later~~**~~

"That guy is looking at us weird." Commented Reggie.

"Yeah, like he wants to rape us." Agreed Li.

"Exactly." Said Reggie.

She was all at the restaurant with most of her friends: Nicole, Li, Kylie, and Steven.

"Too bad no one else could come." Stated Steven taking a bite of ice cream.

"Come on let's leave." Suggested Nicole getting up.

"Yeah." Agreed Reggie.

"WAIT! I want more chocolate!" complained Kylie.

"Later Kiki." Said Li.

"Fine." Agreed Kylie.

They got up and went out the restaurant door. It was a clear night. Suddenly the man that was watching them came out.

"Hey what's your friggin' problem?!" yelled Steven.

"You're them!" the man yelled.

"Who?" They all asked.


Ending notes: sorry to stop it there it's just I wanted to. I know it's short but the other chapter are longer. This is the shortest chapter I've written in my whole life! Any way R&R!