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Chapter 4

~~**(())**~~Picking up from last time~~**(())**~~

"Blood!" exclaimed Steven.

"Yeah, but who exactly is on to us?" asked Reggie.

"We should ask Shane." Suggested Nicole.

"How should he know?" Steven questioned.

"Not about that! About what to do about it!" yelled Nicole.

"Whatever," Steven muttered, "Lets talk about this later, and we have 1 more class to be going to. See ya after school!" With that he ran off to his last class.

"Oh yeah, we have to go to Evil Roa!" Reggie exclaimed, she put away the blood written letter in her backpack and got up.

Nicole took a deep breath; "To the torture chamber!" she said then started running, followed by Reggie, to the band room.


"Why do we always meet at your house?" Kylie asked.

They all were at Reggie's house. They were sitting in a big circle on the floor.

Reggie smiled, "Because my mom doesn't care if you guys are here." She answered, "I mean, she probably doesn't even know you're here. So she won't walk in on anything important." She added.

"Oh." Kylie said dully.

Nicole rolled her eyes; "About the letter?" she reminded them.

"Hey, maybe we could summon #1 with that little incantation he gave us. Then we could ask Shane." Li suggested.


"If you ever have need of me, say this incantation." #1 said and handed Li an incantation.

~!End Flashback!~

"Great idea! But outside of the house, Please. My mom would get suspicious if I suddenly disappear." Reggie said.

"Lets go." Kylie said and went out of the room followed by the rest.


"If it is possible, we pray, that we may see you that we may, if you could come to us by night or if you come to us by flight, hurry quickly for we need you, if it's quick we won't bleed you!" Li said the incantation out loud.

The rest looked at Li in disbelief before they were all transported to the back of the restraunt they always met at. "What an incantation!" Reggie exclaimed.

"Yeah, who the hell thought of that?" Steven asked.

"It was Mr. Shane." #1's voice said before he came into view. He wore a sad face.

"What's wrong #1?" Nicole asked.

"It's Mr.Shane."


"What happened?!" Li gasped as they looked at the dead body of Shane.

"The blood was drained from him." Sara answered.

"The letter!" Reggie exclaimed.

"Oh, that's right!" Nicole agreed.

"What letter?" Sara asked.

"The letter I found at school! It said 'I'm on to you' in blood! That means the person who wrote that letter murdered Shane!" Reggie explained.

"But who did it?" Kylie asked.

"That's what we have to find out." Steven said.

"Then you will need your suits." #1 replied.

"Why?" they all asked together.

"Today is your first day of investigating." Sara answered.


They were all dressed up in their outfits. The girls had on the tank tops with the lion crest embedded in the middle and shorts, then boots that went up above the knees and fingerless gloves starting from the bend of the arm. Reggie was wearing the blue one, Nicole the red one, Li the pink one and Kylie the purple one.

Steven's was the same except with black pants and a black shirt embedded with the lion crest, which seemed to be the demon hunters' symbol, and black short boots with regular sized fingerless black gloves.

"Lets get going!" Reggie announced.


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