~ Cherished Wings ~

(A/N- Just as simple poem I thought of, sending a message that not
everything is what they seem.)

Like spectators, people look down at you.
You are a witch,
They would sneer.
You are a devil,
That is why you are there,
Lying helplessly on the ground.

But I know you're different.
I say you're in disguise.
Underneath the scars and stains,
You are an angel.
A fragile angel,
Who cannot fly back to heaven,
Because you lost your cherished wings.

I reach down to you,
Cupping my hand under your chin,
Telling you to look at me.
Then it all showed,
Your wounds are reflected in your eyes.

You gave your heart away a long time ago,
And lost your innocence,
To a demon you trusted.
You thought he was different,
But he was just like the rest of them.

You have tears in your eyes,
And fear.
You were scared of me,
You thought I was going to hurt you too,
Like so many others have.

But I comforted you.
I comforted you by crying.
You looked at me in surprise.
You didn't think anybody would shed tears for you.
But I did.

Because I know what you are going through.
I know the sorrow and the regret you feel.
I was an angel like you once.
Now I can't fly back to heaven,
Because I lost my cherished wings.

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