A/N I wrote this when a guy turned me down. He was so nice and smart! Now I
know that he had no idea that I like him! He's not as smart as I thought!

When You Said No
When I first met you
I knew you were the one
The one for me
We'd be so perfect together, can't you see?
A year or so later some friends asked
If you'd go out with me
But you said no..
When you said no you brought me down
You turned my smile to a frown
I started to cry, I wanted to die
Why did you do this to me.?
I thought you were a nice guy
I held in my tears
How could they do this to me?
I didn't want them to
For I knew what you'd say
But now that you did
It hurts so.
You said your dad wouldn't let you
I know what that means
There must be something wrong with me
Is it my looks?
Or am I just a brat?
I thought you were.
A nice.
A/N If your name is Brittany diPierri or Tony Silva, I'm not Madie Phelps!