"Alex-I-" I am finding it increasingly difficult to put intelligent sentences together. His eyes are widening and I know then, he is really terrified of me. That really hurts, I mean it.

I don't know what is happening, really. I just know that suddenly I'm in tears, and I don't cry. Alex either pities me, or is finally getting over the initial shock of seeing his date had fangs.

"Shhh…" he sooths. "Don't cry. I still want to know what's going on with your teeth, but don't cry, please?"

I do calm down a little. Not very much, mind you, but a little.

"I seriously doubt you'd believe me, even if I did tell you." I whisper, shaking my head.

Alex raises an eyebrow and takes me inside.

"Try me." He mutters.

And try him I do. I figure that the first place I should start is a small…well okay, big would probably be better, explanation about the whole fangs bit.

"So let me get this straight, so to speak. You're a vampire, and you've died twice. Your race believes in the old three-strikes-and-you're-out theory, so now there are these Hunters after you. If you don't find a mate relatively soon, then the Hunters are going to hunt you down like a dog to a bone and kill you, am I right?"

I nodded, miserably.

"Pretty much…although I could have done with out the cheesy analogy."

He nods and agrees. I think I may have finally won back his trust, thank God. We order drinks and Alex gently squeezes my hand.

"I have another problem." I confide eventually…like fifteen minutes later. Damn waiter is flirting with a girl (who is obviously lesbian, and so not interested in him) and has yet to fulfil his professional duty to serve us in a timely fashion.

"What's up?" Alex asks, looking, if possible, more confused than before.

"Well…" I can feel my cheeks burning, but I continue. "I'm supposed to have a female mate…you know, to insure the survival of the clan. But, there is the whole fact that I'm gay, and so therefor can't mate with a female. God, if only to have a sister."

"I have a sister." Alex mumbles.

"And how, exactly will that help me?" I ask him dryly.

"Well, I just thought…maybe you could mate with her. I mean…she'd do pretty much anything I wanted her to."

"But you see, my problem isn't that I can't find a girl, but rather that I can't follow my morals, as a…I think you humans would call me a fairy?"

Alex blushes still more deeply.

"Only straight humans." He whispers.

"Sure, anyway, so if my only issue with the whole mating thing was finding a girl, then I wouldn't have a problem. I can have any girl I want; I wouldn't need to fuck your sister. No, my problem is that I don't want a girl. I want you."

If this were an anime, instead of real life, I think that Alex would be sweatdropping…a lot. But seeing as its not, he's, therefor, not.

"So what's the deal?" Alex asks, having gotten over the initial shock of what I just told him. "Why don't you just fuck some girl, then come back to me. Trust me. I'll wait."

"'The deal' is that vampires mate for life. It's not like you humans, when you get married and then go get a divorce if it doesn't work out. With vampires there are no second chances…well except for the whole three-lives thing, but that's different."

"Lot's of things are different when it comes to you." Alex says softly.

I don't think that either of us expected to kiss so soon, but before I know what's going on that's exactly what's happening. Not just a short first-date-kiss either. Long and full of passion, its a real lover's kiss, although I still don't get how it happened. At the moment, I don't care either. I never want this kiss to end. Never, never, never! But, like all good things, it does. As we pull apart I can feel about twenty eyes on us, which is really odd, considering the fact that this is a gay bar.

"Honour me with another?" I whisper, slightly dazed.

"No…" Alex replies. "Not tonight…not now, I'm afraid. I'm not ready yet."

We then leave the gay bar, having finally given up on getting our drinks. Alex walks me to my front door and gives me a quick peck on the cheek.

"I should have saved it for the good-night kiss." He mutters before turning around and walking down my sidewalk.

"Alex?" I call after him. "I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to."

He grins and tells me that he doesn't want a secret relationship, for which I am very glad. Now there's just one more problem, trying to explain to my mom that I was breaking the vampire law and loving another male. I think I forgot to mention before that my uncle had been put to death, when he came into the light. I guess in a way, vampires are just as gay-discriminative as humans are, they just have their own way of showing it. So basically my options are, (a) don't tell anyone and be killed by the hunters, or (b) tell my family and be put to death by them. Either way my future looks pretty grim. I will have to tell Alex that I am probably going to die, very soon. I wonder how he will react. I wonder if, just maybe my family could actually help me get around the vampire law. I doubt it. The High Council is already pissed off with me for trying to convince them that that slayer hadn't really killed me and that that little incident had all been a dream. Needless to say that didn't workout very well. I'd tell my mom tonight and tomorrow I'd say goodbye to Alex. One way or another, I was a very dead vampire.