My life is gone
Nothing is left in my soul
No control
It's all gone
I got my self here
But there is no escape
My blood,
Drip by drip
It leaves me
I am dead without you
I am dead with you
You torture me with all your
The control has left me long ago
Death is the beginning
To me it brings an end
To all the many tortures
Deep inside my head
Who are you to judge?
Who are you to blame?
This sickness
Deep inside my brain
I thought you were different
I thought you were fun
But now I know the truth
This has just begun
My life sits
On the tip
Of this needle
Poised to enter my soul
You have owned it long ago
Pain is short
Pain is long
Please I can't go on
How can I survive
Without you?
They do not understand
They place the blame on me
How do they expect me to live
After all they've done to me
I need help
But I don't ask it
I was lost
Now I see
But I'm going on