Dark Winter
Hypocrisy, the children of life
Standing shadows between the times
Reacting clock is a ticking lust
Things are happening too fast in rust

Eat more brains than you request
Suspicious child, not immortal
Annoying sacrifice fills the scene
Close the evil in what you hate

Impassive feelings locked into you
A cramped throat is breathing still
Seen so many deaths you realize
My unity is a difference of mind

Crack your face through rotten flesh
Simply burst of morning taste
Hidden touch not a friendly slave
At last the hate rises over you

Dark winter kills your name
The final scream
Do I care
How have they lost your tale

You cannot see behind the walls
No permission, you came to feel
The heart is a burning fate
Forbidden society's trend

Minus turns to positive
Cruel accident, incident of peace
Hate is more you could ever mean
Pain entire, you crawl into it