nothing (happiness)

This poem is about nothing
Nothing is more beautiful nothing
The serenity of silence holds life's unlocked keys
The light loose lingering feeling you get when nothing leaves

Some people think that nothing isn't anything
But there just pessimist
Because nothing really is something
Just ask a nonconformist

Some of my favorite memories
Happen when I'm swinging on a swing on tall trees
I wish the happiness I feel in this moment would seize
The breeze puts me as ease, where would I be without friends like these?

Ever since I was little lad
I was never happy, I was never sad
Never led a group but never followed a fad
Nothing made me satisfied, Nothing made me glad

When something hard was over I felt relieved
But it was always shortlived and soon I was decieved
The system failed me, I once believed
But I know now it's takes more than dreams to succeed

I wish life's answers were written on my hands
and its solutions on my sleeves
like the hourglass leaking grains of sand
happiness is sometimes left for time to achieve

Nothing irritates me more than a hypocrite
But some times I feel as if I'm the biggest one
And nothing negates me more than my own words
We are surrounded by false pretences and fake rewards

We lived in the lime light and hid when the sun was shining
Happiness is in unfabricated truths and whats under the lining
My mind is not blind, what's the point in confining
The truth is in front of us, its realism is defining

Nothing is like stroke of genius but its more like a flash of lightening
Nothing is intelligent and brilliance is frightening
The morning sun rises the day is brightening
Yet ignorance is darkness and it's bliss is enlightening

In a world where everything is symbolic of something else
Open your eyes... what does nothing symbolize?
nothing is everything that ever was surmised
lies comprimised, your lips eyes and thighs, the lows and the highs

But I guess to be great is to be misunderstood
So said emerson
And I'd try to explain it if i could
but maybe nothing is different in every person.

And we know more time will pass
A lot more nothing will elapse
Bridges fall and walls will collapse
maybe you too will find happiness perhaps

Some say nothing lasts forever
But nothing has no end so it'll go on forever
Or maybe it has yet to begin
But in the end it'll be the same place it started
Right in the middle of things

I changed through time, through eyes that could never bend
to the death I'd defend because around you I don't need to pretend
this happiness I can't quite comprehend
I know its right because through time it transcends
I find happiness in nothing and thats where it ends
but to me nothing is everything thats why I find happiness in my friends