life {(after pain and strife) freestyle}

I hate you clown ass mcs who are all about the greed,
hennessey, suckas envy me when they see me with weed,
who was down for you bitch when you needed to be free,
seems to me you've seeded the reasons you mean it to be,
interceded with treason I just needed a reason to leave,
believed you when you were just deceiving to me,
leading me with feelings you knew I needed, but was to blind to see,
and for a while I was bleeding cuz you were to kind to me,
now I'm reeling, pulling back and concealin my true agony,
but I'm not your average g,
come from the streets but dont let the street control me,
I can tell in retrospect that my intellect is what brought respect to me,
and with my mind feeling fine for the first time I can easily see,
thats there is life after pain and strife if you need it to be.