Author's Note:

This is a compilation of short stories about people who don't quite fit in with the social standards. Whether they are insane or not is something for you to decide. Just for future reference, each chapter will be a new story; they don't really connect to each other, and some are better than others.
Please, feel free to comment on the ones you like. A new story will
hopefully be uploaded every few days for the first four, and then more added if and when I write them. In the meanwhile, please enjoy them, and
tell me what you think.


*Hero: Through strange circumstances that he can't quite remember, Radcliffe has become the hero of his small town. But just what happened on that night? And why is one little boy so certain that he is not what the rest of the town makes him out to be? ~Done for my English class last year,
the assignment was to portray either a classic or a modern hero.*third
person narrative*~

*Pretend: Can you ever be too wrapped up in a fantasy? Anyia lives in a
city taken over by water years before she was ever born. More than
anything, she wishes to go back to the world her grandparents tell her
about, the time before water. Perhaps with a little imagination. *third
person present tense*

*Grocery List: Sometimes it's the simplest things that break you.