Ode to Sugar

I don't appreciate

Your saccharine sweet

Stickiness when

It tempts me

To break my Lenten vows;

But after Easter,

Just your shape

Small crystals adorning

Those jewels of light fluff

Has my mouth watering,

Slightly open, for I can taste

Your scent.

Oh!  Silk sweetness

These forty days a

Barren desert

Devoid of your saving graces;

Somehow I survived,

Stomach shrinking,

Without you.

But now!  Now as the colors

Yours, flood back in

And I can almost taste you

Sweet saccharine bliss

On the tip of my tongue

And thick on the back of

My throat.


The air around me

Bends and tries to block me

From you

But I reach you—

And with one hand

I suddenly despair

For to eat you, to enjoy you—

You'll no longer be there.


note: this was actually an assignment for English class: "Compose a surrealistic ode…in the style of Neruda's "Ode to My Socks" or "Ode to the Watermelon."  Choose phrases and images from you heart and imagination, not from your rational mind.  Try to convey to readers the delight that the object inspires in you.  Make sure that readers will understand what you are praising, and be certain to discard adjectives and figures of speech that fail to describe the object in a strange or unusual way."

So, did I do okay?