Abandoned to Sorrow

Loneliness is tinted with gray, the outcast of the color spectrum;

It mourns like a forgotten infant crying for love when no one is there to respond

And greets taste buds in the manner of salty tears denied a comforting handkerchief.

Loneliness is marked by the scent of the neglected ashes of an empty hearth,

And carries the aura of a tree whose leaves have fled their branches.

Loneliness gives the impression that not even the pebbles care.

A/N: No, I am not depressed; this was a school assignment that my teacher referred to as a senses poem, where we gave an emotion characteristics tangible to each sense. With the options consisting of anger, hate,
loneliness, guilt and fear, anyone reading any poem from my class would declare that we all be sent to counseling!