(A/N- Inspired by Suicidel Angel. Kind of against her poem that inspired
me.. lol. but I'm really not!!)

View of Life

How do you view Life?
If you cleaned your room?
How you should put your hair?
Or if you should lose weight?

Or do you count on your social Life?
If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Or your buddies at school?
Or your popularity?

You tell me everything's wrong in your Life,
You get bad grades,
Your boyfriend broke up with you,
Everybody is ignoring you,
Your parents won't stop irritating you.
And you tell me there's no point in living.

What is the point of living?
Do you know?
Why are we sent in this world?
This hell?
Why can't we just skip life?
We're going to die anyways, right?

So why are we sent on this Earth?
Ask yourself that.
Maybe there is no answer.
Maybe there is more than one answer.

Maybe instead of thinking personally, or socially,
Think bigger.
What about thinking universally?

Life is so precious,
You only get one.

Does going to a good college,
Getting a good job,
And getting a good payment,
Mean that you had a 'good' Life?

How is it good
When it only affects you?
Is your Life only about you, you, you?

Why can't it be about everybody else?
Do you really want a good Life?
Why don't you make an impact to the world?
Don't be just a speck of Life on this planet,
Be a Somebody.

Don't you wish to be one?
Don't you want to make the best of life?
Why is there no reason of living,
When you are capable of doing so much good in this world called hell?

Do you think that after you die,
You're just going to be a memory,
You might be right.

But if you really made an effect,
You might be more than just a dead body in a casket,
You can be a hero,
A legend,
An idol,
An eminent name.

So after reading all this,
Do you still think your hairstyle is important?
Do you think how many friends you have will really matters?

Don't be so selfish,
And try to make the best of life.
Because Life is precious,
You only get one.

(A/N- This really isn't exactly to anyone. It just came to my head. Tell me
what you think!)