Murder Mayhem

"30 years ago, in a school, there was a swimming pool on the bottom basement level. Students loved swimming, and the school even thought of having a swim team. But on one fateful Friday the 13, a girl was murdered. She was killed by 6 teens that felt that she was always trying to show them up. They said it was an accident, said she slipped in and hit her head to the bottom. The teens got away with it, and the school opened the pool back up. Only to have a few, 'accidents', happen. It is believed that the spirit of the murdered girl haunts the bottom level. The school closed down the pool. Said that no one is allowed to go down there. The school refused to admit that anything happened. Till this day, the story was never told." Mr. Griffith said to his drama class. He leaned against the desk and folded his arms.

"So, what was the school? The name I mean." Sean asked.

"Why, our very own Shillington High. Our school. I have a little extra credit for those who are failing, or those who want to have something to do over the weekend. Come to the cafeteria at 3:30 to find out who will be going. If you dare."

At that moment the bell rang signaling the end of the period. It was 3 o clock on a Friday. It just so happened to be the 13th. Janice got her bag and her and her 5 friends left the class. As she thought, she came up with the greatest idea.

"Hey guys. Wanna do something fun tonight?" Janice asked.

"You want to go to that thing that Griffith is doing, don't you?" Sean said as he lit a cigarette.

"Yeah it could be fun. Come on. Lets just do this. Don't you agree Dena?" Janice said as she looked at her friend.

"Yeah it could be fun. Come on lets go." Dena said as she eyes Derrick. She had a crush on him, and she knew that 3 whole days together would help them finally hook up.

"This could actually be cool." Will said.

"Yeah lets go. What do you say Sean?" Amanda asked.

Sean puffed out some smoke and then threw the butt down and stomped on it. "Whatever. I don't care much. As long as I have some smokes. Lets get to the cafeteria. " Sean said. They walked to the lunchroom, and they seen about 3 other people. David, Becky, and Tommy. They sat at the table and then Mr. Griffith came in with a box in his hand, smiling.

"Well this is more then I expected." He walked in front of them and put the box on the nearby table.

"You will all bring a change of clothes, some food, that will last you, and you will also be required to make note of everything that happens down there."

"That means we will need books?" Becky asked. Mr. Griffith smiled.

"No. I will provide each of you with camcorders. You will have to keep these on and also keep them with you at all times. You will all be here at 8:00. That's when it starts and you must be here, because when I lock the door behind me, no one is to get in. Or out. So now that I have set out the rules. Who will be coming?"

All 9 hands rose in the air and Mr. Griffith smiled. "Ok. You will get the camcorders when you show up tonight. Be here at 8 sharp. Have a nice day."

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